Last year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, electric vehicle (EV) sales tripled in the U.S. As market demand continues to grow, offsite airport parking company, Fast Park, is installing ten charging stations in three of its 12 markets, including four in Austin. The program will be branded FastCharge at all locations and charging a vehicle will be a complimentary service for Fast Park customers.

“Our priority is always to exceed our customers’ expectations and meet their changing needs,” said Melanie Chavez, Executive Vice President of Construction and Branding at Fast Park. “We’re seeing a growing need for EV charging in specific markets. In Orlando and Cincinnati, for example, many of our customers have already been utilizing our outdoor-rated GFCI outlets. We’re now taking this a step further to install dual charging stations in three of our markets: Orlando, Austin and Baltimore. We see this as our first step to meeting our customers’ EV needs. We will monitor customer response and, if favorable, roll-out this program in our remaining nine markets by 2015.”

Through the ChargePoint America Program, Fast Park received four dual ChargePoint EV charging station units for their Austin, Texas facility. Each unit can charge two cars at once. Clients with electric vehicles will find charging station units near the entrance of  the Fast Park & Relax facility serving the ABIA airport.

“Our EV customers will be directed to a charging station as they pull into the Fast Park lot,” said Chavez. “They can immediately plug in their vehicle to charge before they board the shuttle and head off to the airport. Upon their return our EV customers will find a fully-charged vehicle waiting for them.”

Fast Park will work with clients before they leave to determine whether the cars will remain plugged in after charging is complete or whether Fast Park will move the vehicles to make room for other vehicles in need of charging.

As a member of ChargePoint, Fast Park EV locations are a part of the ChargePoint website and mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Customers can even sign up for phone alerts that notify them when cars are finished charging.

During the next two years, the Department of Energy and ChargePoint will collect information from Fast Park and other charging stations to help manufacturers and community planners optimize charging infrastructure.

About Fast Park
Fast Park is a leading offsite airport parking company headquartered in Cincinnati. With 16 facilities in 12 markets throughout the country, its brands include Fast Park & Relax, Fast Park2, Airport Fast Park, and Park Place. Fast Park offers the highest-quality customer service at its facilities 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Its convenient shuttle service transports travelers directly from their parking spot to their terminal. Facilities are located in the following cities: Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore-BWI, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston-IAH, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Orlando, Raleigh and Tucson. For more information, visit or visit Fast Park’s Facebook page.

About ChargePoint
ChargePoint is the largest online network of independently owned EV charging stations operating in 14 countries. For EV drivers, ChargePoint provides state-of-the-art features including the ability to locate, reserve and navigate to unoccupied charging stations with online tools and mobile applications. ChargePoint locations may be found online and are included on the free ChargePoint mobile applications for Android and iPhone mobile digital devices.