Today in Decatur Township has learned Decatur Township will finally have the groundbreaking for the Fast Park and Relax parking facility in a very short time. Chris Wilkes, Partner and Senior Vice president of Holladay Properties, informed us The Chavez company plans on a June ground breaking with the operations of phase 1 to be running in November of 2013.  The new Fast Park & Relax Facility is not your father’s parking lot. It is not only designed to make the customer have an expedient and convenient experience but also is “green” facility.
For the neighborhood it creates an aesthetic view from the street with trees and landscaping to make it a nice attractive facility.
For the customer the facility offers:
No Walking. No Waiting. No Worries.®, Car to Airport Terminal Service, Fast & Safe Accommodations To & From the Airport, Covered Parking (available at select locations), Complimentary Luggage Assistance, Cashier Greeting & Instructions Upon Entrance, Complimentary Newspaper Upon Entrance (available M-F 6 AM-8 AM), Complimentary Bottled Water Upon Exit, Express Credit Card Exits (available at most locations), Clean, Secure, Well-Lit & Fully Fenced Facilities, Complimentary Car Wash (available at select locations), Complimentary Charging Stations (available at select locations), Emergency Car Services Including Battery, Tire Inflation Assistance & Snow Removal, and Corporate Travel Programs.

This Fast Park & Relax facility offers covered parking for all of the spaces within the lot. The airline passenger does not need to be concerned with the effects of the weather upon their parked vehicle while they are traveling. No hail damage, no snow or ice to be scraped or shoveled off of the vehicle when they return to Indy.  One of the Chavez facilities has been updated to offer complimentary charging for electric vehicles, perhaps there will be some charging stations built in to this facility also.

Ecologically this facility has a smaller environmental footprint than other facilities of this nature. The run-off which will catch the oil, antifreeze, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid contaminants has been planned for in the design to prevent it from polluting the waterways which are downstream from the facility. And to help ease the burden of supplying the electrical needs for Fast Park & Relax has been reduced by installing solar electrical panels onto the roofs of the vehicle parking shelters.

Fast Park & Relax provides for Decatur Township several benefits. It will employ nearly 50 workers.  Chavez Properties believes in hiring local companies to provide the resources to construct and maintain their facilities. This is a facility which upon opening day begins putting taxes into the coffers of Marion county and Decatur Township.

Senior Vice-president of Holladay Properties has said several times once the Fast Park & Relax operation comes into existence then the property across the road where the Subway now operates will begin to fill with a gas station and convenience store, perhaps a dry cleaner, restaurants and other businesses which will be a benefit to the residents of this township. Some of us nearby residents may be able to walk to a nice sit down restaurant meal.  “We are excited that the ‘Fast Park and Relax’ project can now finally move forward, and we are looking forward to working on a number of other developments that have been awaiting approval of the project,” said Chris Wilkes, Senior Vice President of Holladay Properties.