Fast Park introduced electric vehicle (EV) charging services at its facilities more than 10 years ago as part of a commitment to finding innovative ways to make airport parking as effortless as possible. As EVs become more mainstream and the infrastructure for public EV charging matures, Fast Park is adopting industry norms and making changes to its current service offering to address demand constraints faced across its footprint.

Beginning September 18, FastCharge service will be limited to guests who need an emergency charge while they are away to ensure they get home safely upon their return. Guests will access charging stations with a personal ChargePoint account and will be assessed a per-kilowatt-hour fee. Costs will be competitively priced by market and will be inclusive of any airport taxes and fees. 

“With more and more EVs parking for extended stays at our facilities, our current ‘park and charge’ model of service is being challenged daily,” shares Melanie Chavez, a partner at Chavez Properties, which owns the Fast Park brand. “EV charging is more accessible than ever with public charging infrastructure growth in cities across the country, as well as increased prevalence of at-home charging capabilities.

“A decade ago, before a public EV charging infrastructure existed, our FastCharge service was a necessity for EV guests,” Chavez continued. “Today, so many of our guests arrive at Fast Park with a healthy charge and don’t require the service. We’re hopeful this new approach ensures our facilities have units available when someone truly needs a charge to get home after their time away.”

The company has been working with ChargePoint to ready its facilities to accommodate the growing number of guests with charging needs. In 2022, Fast Park began piloting a new fast-charging service in Atlanta – Power2Go – which enables guests to quickly “top off” on their way in or out of the facility using a ChargePoint Express 250.

This evolution of the FastCharge service will support continued investment in Fast Park’s EV charging infrastructure as the EV market grows and new industry standards are established. Rob Chavez, a partner at Chavez Properties and COO of Fast Park, recognizes that many guests have long considered the FastCharge parking area a “preferred” parking option.

“Our data tells us that a good portion of EVs utilizing our FastCharge service don’t have low batteries upon arrival, but rather like to top off while they are away on their travels. Additionally, some of our guests prefer the proximity of the FastCharge parking area. We want to assure all guests who park at Fast Park that they will experience our signature service with efficient, car-to-terminal service regardless of where they are parked on our facility,” Rob Chavez adds.

ChargePoint maintains one of the largest EV charging networks in the world. With more than 200,000 active, public charging ports – including the units currently installed at Fast Park facilities around the country – drivers can access charging ports through the ChargePoint mobile app.

Click here to learn more about setting up a free account. For all other questions regarding how FastCharge service is changing, visit our FAQ page.