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  • Make your travel easier

    “ If you’re looking to make your travel easier and who isn't. Then you will want to use this parking method. ”

    Wayne H.

    Facebook, August 2021

  • No Need to Walk

    “ This company is priced fairly, and I LOVE that they pick you up and drop you off right at your car. No need to walk to a pick-up area with your bags. I also like that you get a ticket with your parking spot number on it, so you don’t have to remember where you parked. ”

    Tammi S.

    Facebook, June 2021

  • The Secret is Out

    “ Very nice and easy access to the ATL airport. Yes, the secret is out! ”

    Martin C.

    Facebook, July 2021

  • Relaxing and Fast

    “ A great experience. Relaxing and fast. We will definitely be using them every time we need to leave our car at the airport! ”

    Latasha M.

    Facebook, July 2021

  • 6 STARS!

    “ We have been using Fast Park since they opened. Our most recent trip we returned to find plastic taped on our car window. The bus driver explained that I had left the window open, and the plastic was to keep out windblown rain. Going above and beyond plus great service. My only problem is how can I give them six stars!? ”

    Dale P.

    Yelp, January 2021

  • Wonderful Experience

    “ Every time I have used this business, it has been a wonderful experience. Everyone from the gate operator to the bus drivers are friendly and professional. ”

    Sheri D.

    Yelp, February 2021

  • Quick, Clean, Affordable!

    “ I didn't even know something like this existed! Service was quick, clean and best of all affordable!!!!! Shuttle driver was great and got me to my gate quick. Would definitely do business with them again and again. ”

    Laya R.

    Yelp, June 2021

  • Covered, Safe, Clean

    “ Parked here in May. Amazing service! Covered, safe and clean. The front gate attendant was so friendly and explained everything to us. We found a parking spot and within seconds, the shuttle was there. We hopped on and were inside the airport within 5 minutes. When we returned, we waited a grand total of 3 minutes for the shuttle. It was a wonderful experience. I've found my new "go to" spot for parking. ”

    Brooke T.

    Yelp, June 2021

  • Streamlined Parking Experience

    “ This was the most streamlined parking experience that I've had. I also accidentally left lights on in my car, draining the battery--and they provided a very quick jumpstart!!! Super grateful to have found this place and will definitely use it again!!! ”

    Wendy T.

    Yelp, July 2021

  • Class Act!

    “ Why I ever spent money parking at the airport is beyond me. This place is a class act. As soon as you park the bus is right there. They drop you off at a certain place at the airport and tell you where to be when you are ready to be picked up. The price was excellent, and I will definitely be using it again, actually next week! ”

    Jeri T.

    Yelp, July 2021

Stories From Our Fans

We love hearing from our guests, whether they’re raving about our customer service or talking about employees saving the day.

  • Fast, convenient and good value!

    “We got fast service on the shuttles to and from the airport! Convenient covered parking. ”

    - Denise O., IAH Fast Park & Relax

  • Great service and helpful driver!

    “Our driver, Barbara was very pleasant, friendly and helpful to all the passengers during moments of high stress. ”

    - Denise O., IAH Fast Park & Relax

  • Above and Beyond

    “Only recently have we discovered Fast Park and we are thrilled! A little sad, we must admit, that we could have been parking here for the past three years!! Just this week, we parked in Orlando to catch an early flight and while boarding the shuttle, we dropped our house keys. No biggie, except we dropped them right over a large drain! Before we had time to react, they were in the drain and out of sight (gone forever, we feared)! But no!! The shuttle driver assured us he would do all that he could to get the keys back and, true to his word, the keys were waiting for us upon our return! Now, THAT is above and beyond!! Thank you, Javier!!”

    - Mike and Dawn W., MCO Fast Park & Relax

  • Great driver

    “Barbara L. was an outstanding van driver. Maneuvering so smoothly through a horrible traffic accident en route back to parking lot. Helped us load our luggage and great personality. ”

    - Mary Ann Cauthern, IAH Fast Park & Relax

  • “I just want to say, James K is the best driver I’ve ever seen, he was kind, and helped beyond what most drivers offer. This man was a light and such a pleasure to watch take such pride in his job.”

    - Ashley, CVG Fast Park & Relax

  • Great Service

    “Arrived home at 1am. Fast Park was at terminal and off to parking immediately.”

    - Dave T., IND Fast Park & Relax

  • Friendly Driver

    “My driver was friendly and helpful. I appreciated how he asked us if we had our phones, chargers, keys and identification. He wished us all happy holidays with warmth and a smile. He didn’t just help with luggage, he brightened my day! Thanks Fast Park!”

    - Todd, IND Fast Park & Relax

  • Great Service

    “Came back from a long trip and it was raining, YUCK! But Fast Park was AWESOME! My driver helped with the bags and had a super attitude! Thanks!”

    - Rick A., MCO Fast Park & Relax

  • Fast Park is Just That!

    “We just drive in, park, and get shuttled to the MKE airport. Then when we return, a shuttle is waiting, we get on and in minutes we are at our vehicle. On December 21st our driver was so kind as to take our 3 pieces of luggage from the shuttle and set them right in the back of our pick-up truck. Now that is service - loved it!”

    - Michael G. Z., MKE Fast Park & Relax

  • Great Customer Service!

    “I did not know about Fast Park until my husband parked his truck. I fell in love with this service! I was always in a hurry for my planes, but I could always count on the Fast Park staff because once I park my car the shuttle parks beside me waiting to send me to the airport! I was so happy every time I rode on the shuttle. All the staff are so nice! I will always park my car at Fast Park in the future, as I travel a lot! ”

    - Shiyu C., ABQ Fast Park & Relax

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