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  • Name Says it All!

    “ Recently used Fast Park & Relax in Tucson for the first time --kudos to them, they've got it all figured out! Polite, efficient, patient -- totally customer friendly! Their name says it all. Will definitely take advantage of their services again! ”

    Helen H.

    TUS Fast Park & Relax, June 2019

  • Exceeds Expectations

    “ The parking experience I had this past week met and exceeded my expectations of service. I entered the lot at about 4:30 am and was greeted by the attendant who directed me to my parking area. The shuttle was there and assisted with my luggage and dispatched a wheelchair to meet me at the airport. I will definitely continue using Fast Park for all of my future trips! ”

    Mary A.

    IND Fast Park & Relax, May 2019

  • Can't Beat 'Em

    “ Great covered spot to park your car, very close to the airport. Shuttles are frequent and drivers are super friendly. Nice cold-water bottles waiting for you on exit takes this to the next level. Prices are reasonable and would definitely use them again. You can't beat their location either! ”

    Kristen F.

    ABQ Fast Park & Relax, July 2019

  • Overwhelmed!

    “ Hi. I've been a customer for many years and I'm always satisfied with your service. This morning at Fast Park I was overwhelmed by your service. When I pulled in it was raining lightly. The driver came over to my car with an oversized umbrella, handed me the umbrella, took my bags and walked them over to the van. Now that was excellent service. Fast Park is wonderful. Thank you! ”

    David L.

    BWI Fast Park & Relax, July 2019

  • Speechless

    “ I have been parking with Fast Park & Relax 4-5 times per year and they have wowed me consistently. My experiences there have always been the best part about traveling by air. One return to Fast Park blew me away; while I was traveling, I let my friend use my car to get to the airport and asked her to park it at Fast Park and leave the key with the attendant. I landed back at CVG and approached the FP&R shuttle. I mentioned that a friend parked my car and I was hoping she parked it in the right long-term lot. He said "Are you Ms. Combs?" I was SPEECHLESS that every driver knew I would be arriving that day without a car key. That's just one example of many great experiences there. ”


    CVG Fast Park & Relax, August 2019

  • Kudos!

    “ I just wanted to let you know about great service from your folks at RDU. While rummaging through my carry-on while riding in the shuttle van, I dropped a small blue holder that held five of my credit cards (and didn't realize it). Luckily someone from Fast Park found it and called me to let me know they had it and would hold it for me. I returned very late and it was sitting in an envelope with my name and number on it, waiting for me to return. Kudos to the staff! ”

    Steve A.

    RDU Fast Park & Relax, August 2019

  • Highly Recommend

    “ We picked this place because of the great reviews and were not disappointed! Highly recommend! The shuttle was already waiting for us before we even got out of the car after parking. Same thing when we landed, the shuttle was already there so we were back to our car in no time. Very friendly staff and very affordable! ”

    Angelica M.

    HOU Fast Park & Relax, August 2019

  • 6 Stars!

    “ 6 Stars is the real review. Impressed again and again through the years. Steady customer service and always a helpful person in the booth. I didn't realize I was on gas fumes when I parked my car. When I returned home, I pulled out of the lot and ran out of gas. I walked back to the booth and the manager went into the garage, found a partially full gas can. He drove to my car and added a few gallons and asked for nothing in return. I can't explain how grateful I was. Fast Park 2 has a customer for life! ”

    Maryland C.

    BWI Fast Park 2, September 2019

  • Perfect Price!

    “ Fast Park & Relax is fantastic! Great experience, great price, quality customer service. Both our drivers were friendly and helpful. This was easy to book online, and the price is perfect. The covered parking is a nice perk as well. ”

    Jenny B.

    IAH Fast Park & Relax, January 2019

  • Superior Customer Service

    “ As an HR Manager, I am amazed at the consistent level of superior service displayed at Chicago MDW Fast Park. I almost want to come work for you, just so that I can see what your secrets are. Truly an amazing service each and every time I use you. Keep up the good work. ”

    Teri M.

    MDW Fast Park & Relax, May 2019

Stories From Our Fans

We love hearing from our guests, whether they’re raving about our customer service or talking about employees saving the day.

  • Name Should be Perfect Park

    “Perfect reservation procedures. Perfect customer service. Perfect shuttle service. Perfect parking spaces.”

    - LB, BWI Fast Park & Relax

  • Awesome First Experience

    “I'm gonna be honest, parking at RDU gives me anxiety. An airport can be so confusing. A relative told me about Fast Park and I used it for the first time last week. It was so simple and I was shocked at how effortless it was. It was a huge stress relief to me. After walking 56,000 steps at Disney in 2.5 days, I didn't have to take any extra steps to get to my car thanks to Fast Park! I will absolutely use this service again. ”

    - Kristen B., RDU Fast Park & Relax

  • Great Service!!!

    “Just wanted to thank everyone for their great service at Fast Park!! I have been going here for many years. Never one bad experience. Never park anywhere it here!! Thanks again for all you do!!”

    - Jackie W., MKE Fast Park & Relax

  • Wonderful Service

    “I love parking with Fast Park! They just keep getting better and better over the years. Their drivers care and are amazing. I even had one clean the ice off my windshield! Only place I will ever park. None compare to Fast Park.”

    - Denise E. , CVG Fast Park & Relax

  • Helped Me Out of a Pickle

    “The Fast Park shuttle dropped my wife and I at the airport. When we hit the security line, I realized that I had left a bag with medicine in the car. I hustled out to the van pickup area and told the driver of my problem. He quickly took me directly to my car where I retrieved my bag, then quickly back to the airport. My wife had just gotten coffee and a seat at our gate. Never missed a thing, not even late. He was a big help. I love your service. Always great!”

    - Ken B., BWI Fast Park & Relax

  • 5 Stars

    “I travel weekly for my work and many times find myself on the early flight. Each time upon arrival at Fast Park, Alex is there with a big smile. He lights up my day! One time after checking my bags, I realized I left my keys on the seat of the van. I start to panic. Then, I heard my name announced over the loudspeaker...It was Alex telling me he had my keys and not to worry. He put them in the office for me to pick up when I returned. That is 5 star customer service!”

    - Jacqueline C., TUS Fast Park & Relax

  • “I have been a loyal member of Fast Park for a year and a half. Recently, I was running late and decided to try the airport's own parking. What a mistake. Finding a spot was a chore and I had to wait so long for a bus. Never again! I love that everyone is always friendly and normally the bus is waiting for me rather than me waiting for them. 10/10 would recommend to any traveler whether inexperienced or experts.”

    - Kaylin C., BWI Fast Park & Relax

  • Reliable Shuttles and Close to Airport!

    “We use Fast Park at MKE often for family travel needs. Traveling with little kids can feel harried, but Fast Park makes it so easy! The shuttle is there waiting for us as soon as we park our vehicle, which is great when we are in a time crunch. But, the drivers never make us feel rushed when we are checking and re-checking that our kids are not leaving anything behind. We love Fast Park!”

    - Briana L. H., MKE Fast Park & Relax

  • Safe, Sheltered Parking!

    “Prior to your new facility going up at MDW, I didn't have any options for leaving my vehicle in a place that felt safe. I love the Fast Park MDW! ”

    - Briana L. H., MDW Fast Park & Relax

  • Best Lot

    “I love parking with Fast Park. So easy to make a reservation, and even easier to catch a quick shuttle to and from the airport. The staff is always courteous and friendly. Checking in and out is always quick...and a nice free bottle of water on the way out is the icing on the cake!”

    - Kendra C., AUS Fast Park & Relax

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