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Meet Our Littlest Fans

Watch our video: Our Littlest Fans Tell All
Our family travelers are important to us. We know what it's like for mom and dad to travel with these adorable bundles of energy, so we go out of our way to make sure they're taken care of. Our friendly drivers, shuttle pick-up at parking space and our complimentary summer FunTime FastPaks are all designed to keep these cuties occupied and - dare we say - calm at the start and end of a trip.
We recently sat down with some of our youngest fans to find out what they thought of Fast Park and traveling. Take a look at what they had to say in our video and read more about our video stars below.


At the young age of 6-years-old, Cole has already been to Florida, Cape Cod and even on a cruise to Mexico. While he loves being in front of the camera, he often has his mind set on reading, writing, and like every other kid his age, Minecraft. Cole aspires to go back to Florida as well as Disneyland in California.

Toby and Josie

The Brubaker kids are no strangers to traveling! With trip resumes that include Boston, Orlando and Nags Head, the kids have had some fun adventures. Josie has plans to visit NYC soon and Toby hopes to travel to China one day. When the pair isn't traveling, 10-year-old Josie and 8-year-old Toby love playing their favorite sports.

Hannah and Sydney

Outside of their tight social and sports schedules, these girls still find time to travel with mom and dad. Hannah, 11, and Sydney, 8, have been on multiple Disney World trips and several beach vacations. With hopes of traveling to New York City and Chicago, these girls are always ready for any new travel adventure.


Building up her travel resume, Andersen has visited Florida and hopes to one day travel to Ireland. In between helping mom and dad with her twin siblings (Meredith and Mikey), this 9-year-old is very active, with swimming, soccer, running, and softball on her list of favorite things to do.

Parker and Logan

Parker, 7 and Logan, 10, love playing video games, watching WWE wrestling, playing several sports and occasionally teasing their younger sister, Lilly. Already tiny travel pros, the Smith boys have been to Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina and the Bahamas and have big plans for many more adventures.


Six-year-old Brady and his older sister, Riley, are frequent travelers to Disney World. When asked where else he'd like to visit his answer, of course, is back to Disney World. When he isn't flying through the Magic Kingdom, Brady loves playing with LEGOs, watching and playing lots of sports, and wrestling with his favorite canine buddy, Coco.

Claire, Rachel and Zoe

Seven-year-old twins, Claire and Rachel and their 5-year-old sister Zoe have been to Dallas and San Antonio recently, and hope to go to North Carolina or Florida in the future. When they aren't hamming it up for the camera, all three girls love LEGOs, jumping on their trampoline, and doing arts and crafts.

Luci and Leo

Quite the tiny travelers, Luci, 8, and Leo, 3, have been to more places in their short lives than most people visit in a lifetime! Their travels include Colorado, California, Virginia, Oregon, London, Germany, Italy and France! When they aren't traveling, Luci likes to play piano and cook, while Leo loves playing with any and all types of trucks.

Mason and Reed

5-year old Mason and 3-year-old Reed could probably be considered Disney pros at their young age. Some of their favorite travel destinations include Disney World, Disneyland, and Galveston, for a Disney cruise of course! When they're not dreaming about Mickey and his crew, the boys enjoy playing with Lego's and Star Wars figurines.