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Downtime Distractions

Let's face it, there can be a lot of downtime when traveling. Standing in the security line, waiting for your plane to depart, flying from city to city-it's enough to turn even the most well-behaved child into a whiny troublemaker. Never fear! We're arming you with the tools you need to turn them back into your little angel.

What to Bring

Colored Paperclips: Good for making colorful necklaces and bracelets.

Bingo Dot Markers: Perfect for creating one-of-a-kind dot artwork. Just bring wipes to clean up anything that may go beyond the paper – accidentally, of course.

Travel Diary: Buy a special notebook for older kids to record their journeys and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake when they get home.

Paper Scraps, Paper Plates: They’re portable and the perfect shape to make animal faces, a fishbowl or anything their little minds can think of. Just pack accessories like a glue stick, construction paper and those handy bingo dot markers.

Beads or Buttons: Buy colorful ones in bulk online and pre-paint the outline of a tree on cardstock. Kids can glue the colorful buttons onto the branches to make a beautiful masterpiece.

Extra Snacks: For those tummy emergencies.


In-Flight Activities

Safety Pin Taboo
Here's a game the whole family can play.  Give each person three safety pins to attach to their bag, clothing, etc. Pick a very common word that no one is allowed to say.  If they do, they must give up a pin to the person who heard it.  Make it even harder by designating more than one taboo word. 

I Spy
The classic "I Spy" game is perfect for passing time at a busy airport. Look around the terminal and select an object that can be seen by all players. Repeat this line, "I spy with my little eye..." and then give all players a clue as to what your item is, ex., "something yellow." Let each player take a turn guessing and time will fly by!

Airport Scavenger Hunt
Have a long layover and looking to pass the time? Try an old-fashioned scavenger hunt. We suggest you split into teams with at least one adult on each team. Find these items and report back to a central location at a specific time. First team back with the most items wins!