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Last Minute Tips

The planning is done and the week of your perfect family vacation is here. Congratulations! Before you celebrate too much, make sure you tackle these last-minute tasks before you leave. It just might save you time and could help you avoid minor setbacks (and heartburn).

Packing: It’s a Family Affair

If your kids are picky about what they occupy their time with (at any age) chances are that’s not going to change just because you’re on vacation. Save yourself the headache later by making them a part of the packing process now. Give each child a bag and ask them to fill it with their favorite items they want to bring.

Research the Airport

You’re likely familiar with your hometown airport but what about your connection city or the airport you’ll fly out of when your trip is over? Many airports have interesting and educational spots to explore. Research the airport’s website to find out if there is a kids’ play area, artwork to see or one of your child’s favorite restaurants to grab a bite.

"I have to take my shoes off?"

Traveling can be scary for kids. Help to ease their anxiety by taking time a few days prior to explain what will happen at the airport, especially the security checkpoint process. This gives you the opportunity to explain that airport personnel will need to take special pictures of her princess doll or his ninja man and it gives your child the opportunity to ask why.

Terminal Tantrums

If we knew exactly what was going to make our young kids or even teenagers unhappy we’d prevent it immediately, right? Unfortunately, without a crystal ball all we can do is plan for the unexpected. In this digital age there are many free and paid apps (see our downloadable guide for suggestions) that you can download the night before. New games can keep kids busy for hours. You might also consider non-electronic games kids can play while waiting to board the plane.

Return Flight: The Often Forgotten Flight

Don’t forget you’ll need all the same things to keep them busy as you make your way home—new games (keep some in reserves), crafts, snacks, etc.