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Capturing Memories

Instead of just filling albums with vacation photos, bring your favorite memories to life this year in a creative way. Grab your glue sticks, colored paper, and favorite photos then put your creative skills to good use. Your family will love these ideas!

Memories in a Jar

Everyone loves a cute little Mason jar, so why not fill it with wonderful mementos from your beach (or other) vacation? To start, tape a favorite photo or two (think Instagram size) on the inside back of the jar, fill with sand, shells, small souvenirs, pebbles-you name it. You could even toss in foreign money if you traveled overseas. Once the inside is filled, finish it off with a little twine or ribbon around the top and, voila, instant memories!

A Rock Garden of Memories

We love this idea! Start with a clear vase and purchase or collect smooth surface rocks on each of your journeys. Every time your family takes a special trip write down your favorite memory or two on the rocks and place them in the jar. After years of travels you'll have a beautiful collection of memories to read through and reminisce with at any time.

We Were Here

If you rarely visit the same place twice and plan to travel to as many states or countries as possible, track your journeys on a giant map. Rather than using a standard push-pin to mark your destination, take a photo from your visit, cut it out in the shape of the state or country you visited and glue it to the map. How cool is that?

From Phone to Paper

Are you an Instagram addict like we are? Don't leave those beautifully edited photos on your phone. Hop online and make an Instagram photo book from your trip. You'll find endless vendors able to print your photos and mail them to you. Here are a few of our favorites: Artifact Uprising, Print Studio and Keepsy. Happy Instagramming!