Holiday travelers departing from Cleveland Hopkins Airport on Wednesday may not have found Zen, but at least they learned some fun breathing exercises on the shuttle ride from Snow Rd. to their terminal.

Airport Fast Park, a Cincinnati-based offsite airport parking company, hired professional yoga instructors to teach customers meditation and relaxation techniques while making the mile-long journey from their parking lots to the airport.

"I've got a treat for you today," instructor Sherri Mills told travelers once they got situated in the shuttle.

Some were excited, while others a bit skeptical. But almost everyone was a good sport as Mills called out cues in a soothing voice.

"Take your left hand to your opposite thigh and look over your shoulder," said Mills, who teaches at Cleveland Yoga in Beachwood. "Now inhale and come back to center."

Traveler Holly Henderson of Kent said she enjoyed the exercises.

"I've just been driving for an hour, so it was really nice," she said, noting that it was a good way to relax before heading to Orlando to visit family for the holiday.

Joseph Heinemann of Wickliffe, who was returning from a business trip, said it was his first yoga experience.

"It was interesting," he said with a smile.

Fast Park owns parking lots at 13 different airports, including Airport Fast Park and Park Place at Cleveland Hopkins. The company came up with the yoga idea three years ago as way to help people feel more at ease during the busy holiday season, said Melanie Chavez, principal of Fast Park. This is the second year they've done it in Cleveland.

"This is the busiest travel time of the year," Chavez said. "We thought, 'Let's do something fun and unexpected. What could we do to take people's minds off the stress of travel?'"

Shuttle riders don't have much time to learn during the trip, which only takes about five minutes.

"It's just to get them started off on the right foot with a smile on their face, ready to go to the airport," Chavez said. All of the exercises taught can be done sitting down - on a shuttle, plane or airport terminal.

Mills said it was wasn't hard for her to adapt to the short time frame and limited space.

"I think it's a great idea because you can really do yoga almost anywhere," said Mills. "It's important to know you can move and be conscious of your body in any situation."

Several passengers continued to do the exercises as the driver took their luggage to the curb.

"I don't want to leave the bus," Vivian Sickels of Berea joked as the shuttle approached her terminal.

Besides being a hit with customers, the idea has also been a marketing success, attracting media attention at airports across the country.