Fast Park & Relax, a national off-site airport parking company, has just opened a new site at the Orlando International Airport. The new facility, which is located at 7870 North Frontage Road, is ready for the busiest travel week of the year.

After delayed flights, lost luggage and multiple layovers, millions of travelers will be stressed upon arriving at their Thanksgiving destination. Staying true to its name, Fast Park & Relax is committed to making the airport parking experience as relaxing as possible, even during the busiest travel period of the year. Not only will customers enjoy 2,000 covered parking spaces, complimentary bottled water and newspapers and complimentary activity books for children, but those traveling Wednesday, November 25th from 10 AM – 12 PM will also enjoy yoga instruction.

Fast Park has hired professional yogis from Yogi Matrix to provide yoga instruction and tips at the off-site airport parking facility. All tips will incorporate techniques that passengers can do sitting down whether they are on a Fast Park shuttle bus, a plane, at the airport terminal or in their hotel room. They can even use these tips to relax when Thanksgiving dinner is delayed again this year.

Fast Park spent nearly nine months developing a 20 acre site into a 2,000 space, covered airport parking facility that employs sustainable techniques designed to reduce greenhouse emissions, lower energy use and reduce the overall impact to the environment.

Featuring an energy efficient lighting system, energy efficient shuttle buses, charging stations for electric automobiles, water reclamation, and soon, a 25KW Photovoltaic system, the Orlando Fast Park represents a new benchmark for the Fast Park organization.

“Fast Park is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, while providing efficient, quality airport parking services to our customers throughout the United States,” said Melanie Chavez, who oversees construction and branding for Fast Park. “Our Orlando facility represents a strong step in that direction and we look forward to implementing additional environmentally friendly technologies and systems as we grow our organization.”

Fast Park’s new shuttles lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by more than half. Carports covering all parking spaces greatly reduce the heat island effect, thus not impacting the temperature of the site’s surroundings and water table.

An advanced lighting system for the lot and in the buildings drastically reduces energy use. Irrigation for heat-reducing landscaping is provided by an on-site pond which collects rain water and runoff so that no city water is used for planting areas.

Fast Park will soon install a 25 KW Photovoltaic (PV) System atop the carport structures. By capturing energy from the sun, Fast Park will supply more than 10 percent of its own electricity at the site. The company’s goal is to increase capacity to a 250KW PV System that will provide enough electricity for all operations at the facility.