Just in time for the busy travel season, we updated our signage in Austin - and this is no ordinary sign. We commissioned an original artwork to welcome customers to our facility while reflecting Austin's unique culture that we love so much.

We’re happy to announce artist Robert Fronk has completed a one-of-kind monument sign. This project has been more than a year in the making and we loved watching Fronk bring his original work to life.

As a Cincinnati native and graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Fronk has worked in Chicago and L.A., but decided to come home to the Queen City, where Fast Park is headquartered, in the late-2000s. Previously he worked with Evergreene Painting Studios to restore beautiful trompe l’oeil pieces on buildings in New York City, Chicago and L.A, including murals by American muralist Richard Haas.

Like most artists, Fronk wants the general public to find their own meaning within the painting he created for the new FastPark & Relax sign. After visiting Austin on several occasions he was inspired by a famous painting of a French woman who was popularized by Italian artist Piero Fornasetti through his “Tema e Variazioni” series.

“As an artist working on a public piece, I want people to decide for themselves what it means,” said Fronk. “Sure, there are reasons I chose it. There are birds that refer to flight and serve as a directional focus into and out of the facility as well as a nod to Austin with a lizard and Lone Star featured prominently above the woman’s face.”

Fronk’s painting style and process is unique. After Fronk finished his final sketches in Cincinnati, he projected them onto the wall of his studio and created reproductions on large pieces of paper. When the transfer was complete, he punched tiny holes in the paper to make giant stencils.

Armed with his stencils, Fronk traveled to Austin and created the artwork piece-by-piece on the sign by rubbing the stencils with a charcoal bag. The bag transferred a faint outline to the sign, and Fronk painted the piece from there.

Be sure to check out the sign next time you visit FastPark & Relax!