Some of your favorite memories will be made during family vacations, but getting to your destination can be a challenge. Packing for the entire family, keeping little ones occupied and avoiding major meltdowns can overwhelm even the calmest of parents. Fast Park has compiled lists of interesting apps, creative activities and other travel tips to keep you sane. Here are five tips from the Family Travel section of our website to get your vacation off to a relaxing start.

  1. Give the Kids a Say
    If you’re flexible with your travel planning, consider putting the destination up for a vote. If you want to have more control about where you go, let your little ones weigh in on restaurants or allow each child to pick one family activity during the trip.
  2. Pack as a Family
    Include your kids in the packing process, especially if they are picky about what they wear or which of their favorite toys they must have. Give each child a bag and let them fill it with whatever they would like to bring along.
  3. Prepare for the Return Flight
    Stow away a couple of new toys or crafts to keep everyone busy when the family flies home. Be sure to pack these before you leave, depending on your destination you may not be able to find something to keep each child occupied during the return flight.
  4. Remember Family Time
    Instead of filling your schedule, leave time for unplanned fun. Whether it’s a quick stop for frozen yogurt that turns into an hour at a nearby playground or an attraction you didn’t know existed, your family will likely discover an unexpected activity or two.
  5. Start the Flight off Right
    Airports are chaotic places, especially when corralling children and luggage. Let Fast Park bring you to the terminal quickly and easily. Our shuttle drivers follow your car to your spot and help load your luggage – even those awkward strollers! – before whisking you off to the terminal, all in about 10 minutes.

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