Fast Park made contactless technology a priority at the onset of the pandemic. “The Fast Park brand was built on offering the most efficient and hassle-free airport parking experience for travelers,” shares Melanie Chavez, partner at Chavez Properties. “For years, we’ve offered mobile capabilities, which replaced the need for a paper ticket. This technology roll-out was the last step to offer our guests a truly contactless entry and exit experience. While important for today’s reality with the pandemic, we feel this technology will be appreciated and prove useful even beyond the pandemic.” 

To take advantage of the new touch-free experience, guests should download their mobile Rewards Card, scanning it as they enter and exit the facility. Exiting via a Fast Park Express Lane will further that touch-free experience with the new contactless payment options (Apple Pay, Google Pay and tap and pay). Those who have not transitioned to contactless payment can still complete their transactions by inserting an EMV (chip-enabled) credit card or swiping to pay. For more information on how it works, click Contactless Payment on our FAQ page

Guests who aren’t members of the Rewards program, can join here. If you need to download your mobile card, click here