“Going cashless at our facilities allows us to streamline the way we do business while keeping the focus on our guests’ experience,” said Robert Chavez, who oversees operations at Fast Park. “Our test markets proved that credit is the preferred payment method and key to expediting service at checkout.”

Guests can exit using Express Lanes or visit a booth for assistance with processing payment. Daily rates will not be impacted, and guests will still be able to redeem discounts and Free Parking Certificates through the company’s Relax for Rewards program. The facility will do its best to assist guests through the transition by offering change for cash payments through the end of October.

Why are you no longer accepting cash?  We found that accepting cash at checkout was often leading to long lines and delays for our guests. This  is intended to create a seamless experience and get you home more quickly.

Will I still pay the same rate?  Rates are based on a careful analysis of the market and may be adjusted to remain competitive and offer the best service to our guests, but our decision to go credit card-only will have no effect on any future price changes. Use our rate calculator feature to find our most up-to-date rates or ask a Fast Park team member for more on our pricing.

I only have cash. How am I supposed to pay for parking?  Our facilities will have a limited amount of cash on hand during the first few weeks of October to allow our guests time to transition to credit card only payments. By late October, we will exclusively accept credit and debit card payments. 

Will I be charged extra for paying with a credit card?  No. Guests will not be charged credit card processing or service fees.      

Will there still be someone there if I need help?  Our team members will still be on-site to help process your credit card payment or provide any assistance you may need.

How do I pay with credit card?  Simply pull into one of our Express Exit Lanes, insert your parking ticket or scan your Relax for Rewards Card and insert your credit card.  Or, pull up to our booth to have a Fast Park team member process your payment.

I need change to tip my driver, can you break a $20, $50, $100, etc.?  While we encourage tipping for the excellent service our drivers provide, we do not have the ability to offer change or break bills at this time.  Feel free to ask your driver if they are able to break one of your smaller bills.