During the month of September, Fast Park, an offsite airport parking company with 17 facilities in 14 markets, collected 14,226 pounds of food and matched it dollar for pound with a donation of $14,226 to local food banks in each market. This is the ninth year in a row Fast Park has participated in an annual food drive supporting Feeding America and increased donations by nearly 3,000 pounds over 2015. 

Over the past nine years, Fast Park has collectively donated 65,000 pounds of food and $60,000 to local food banks across the country. 
Collections took place at Fast Park facilities in Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Houston, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee, Orlando, Raleigh and Tucson. All donations - except those received in Albuquerque and Miami - benefit a local food bank within the Feeding America network. The facility in Miami gave its items to the Salvation Army Miami and the facility in Albuquerque gave its items to St. Felix Pantry. 
“We’re incredibly proud of the amount of food we have collected over a nine-year period in each of our markets,” said Melanie Chavez, executive vice president of construction and branding at Fast Park. “We look forward to this initiative every year as we work to make a difference in all of our communities. It is incredible to think that collectively, in nine years, we have donated nearly 65,000 pounds of food and $60,000 to food banks across the United States. Thank you to all who have contributed.”
Pounds of food donated by city: Albuquerque: 3,837 Atlanta: 223 Austin: 993 Baltimore: 785 Cleveland: 946 Cincinnati: 386 Houston: 492 Indianapolis: 233 Memphis: 2,621 Miami: 70 Milwaukee: 3,014 Orlando: 183 Raleigh: 109 Tucson: 334 
According to Feeding America, one in seven Americans struggle to get enough to eat. In fact, hunger or food insecurity exists in virtually every community in the U.S. Of the households it serves:
 • 31 percent have to choose between paying for education and food every year. 
 • 66 percent have to choose between paying for medical care and food every year. 
 • 1 in 5 has a member who has served in the U.S. military. 
About Fast Park 
Fast Park is a leading offsite airport parking company headquartered in Cincinnati. With 17 facilities throughout the country, its brands include Fast Park & Relax, FastPark2, Airport Fast Park and Park Place. Fast Park offers the highest-quality customer service at its facilities 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Its convenient shuttle service transports travelers directly from their parking spot to their terminal. Facilities are located in the following cities: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore-BWI, Cincinnati-CVG, Cleveland, Houston-IAH, Houston-HOU, Indianapolis, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Orlando, Raleigh and Tucson. For more information, visit www.theFastPark.com or visit Fast Park’s Facebook page.