We know traveling can be tough and appreciate that you’ve chosen Fast Park as your preferred parking venue. In celebration of the upcoming Customer Service Week (10/5 – 10/9), we are honoring all of our loyal travelers with morning giveaways. It's our way of saying thank you for all of your business.

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Here is what Fast Park customers are saying . . .

In each market Fast Park took the opportunity to honor the top 5 customers at each facility with a small promotional box filled with Fast Park goodies and gift certificates. These customers are Frequent Parker Members with the highest number of days stayed so far in 2009!

"You guys are so thoughtful! We really do enjoy our relationship with Airport Fast Park! We never have to wait for a van to pick us up at the airport; the vans are sitting there waiting for us and the drivers are always so friendly! The people who man the entrance booth always remember us, too! We are not fancy people; it’s just nice to say hello to some friendly faces!!! Your vans are always clean and nice. My husband and I own small businesses. We recognize that it takes a team to make parking at an airport such a pleasant experience for travelers. The hard work and smiling faces of everyone at Airport Fast Park is evident in everything that you do!!!!!" -Cassie and Bob, Top 5 customer from Austin

"I choose Airport Fast Park because they are fast, efficient, and inexpensive. What keeps me coming back is the friendly and courteous employees." -Dr. Peter, Top 5 customer from Baltimore

"I use Airport Fast Park for many reasons. The fact that they pick you up at your car and return you to your car, the price, the ability to earn free parking. One of the main reasons is the shuttle drivers. They are helpful and courteous at all times. I would recommend them to anyone. " -Bob, top 5 customer from Baltimore

"Parking at Airport Fast Park has been a very satisfying experience for me this year." -Rajendra, Top 5 customer from Cincinnati

"Airport Fast Park works for me. It's one component of my travel that I don't have to worry about. The buses are prompt and the drivers are helpful. I like the morning papers and especially the bottled water after flying." -Peter, Top 5 customer from Cincinnati

"In the past I have used the other parking companies in the CVG airport area. I have found through experience that your employees are the most friendly and accommodating. One employee even kept inflating the slow leaking tire on my vehicle for over a week in anticipation of my return. He left me a note on my vehicle notifying me of the condition. The date on the note indicated it had been over a week and the tire went low within 24hrs. When I asked him about it he said he aired it up every day. Also your shuttle drivers are always courteous, even when a customer is being rude." -William, Top 5 customer from Cincinnati

"It all comes down to value and service. Your drivers are very courteous and the trip to and from your lot is done in a quick manner which is important to me. And no matter what time I come or go your drivers are there waiting to take me between the airport and your lot. So I feel you need to Thank each of your employees for a job well done. As I can tell you from our business 'Great Employees make a Great Company that people want to deal with'." -Don, Top 5 customer from Cleveland

"I choose your location because of the convenience and great service that you provide on a consistent basis. Your van service is prompt; your drivers are helpful and friendly. You also get me to the terminal right away whenever I'm running late. I think that your 5-day special and your internet coupons (frequent parker program) are really great." -Steve, Top 5 customer from Cleveland

"The service at Fast Park has been consistently excellent. I'll continue to be your customer." -Stan, Top 5 customer from Houston

"Friendly, and great service at a great price." -Roy, Top 5 customer from Memphis

"I enjoy parking at Fast Park and Relax for a number of reasons: It is convenient, the price is very reasonable, the service is great and the staff is always pleasant and helpful. I never have to wait at the airport or at my car to get picked up. It is truly a pleasure." -Stephen, Top 5 customer from Milwaukee

"I have been parking there a long time, long before it was Fast Park. I have never had any issues with the facility or parking there, even when it was repaved and the entrance was revamped. The primary reason I stay there though, as opposed to other lots in the area, is the people. I have come to know many of them, they know me. We greet each other Monday mornings and when I get picked up on Thursday evenings, it is another greeting with, "How was your flight? How was the weather?" I was able to use my old cards for parking when we went on vacation, even though they were old and from the previous owners. When I go to check in, my paper is waiting for me, when I check out, my water is waiting for me. I know that if I have car trouble, I will get help. The lot is kept clean in the winter. I feel that once a relationship has been built, that it pays to be loyal to that business, because as I said before, if I need something a little out of the ordinary or help, the business will be there for me. Why would I want to park any place else?" -Jack, Top 5 customer from Milwaukee

"No matter what time day or night I travel your personal is always friendly and efficient. The van drivers are most helpful w/ my luggage to and from the airport. Never do I have to wait more than 5-8 minutes for a van at the airport (usually later flights / peak travel time 3-5 minutes). I believe the offering of the newspaper and free car wash and cold water go over and above my expectations of what a parking facility has to offer. I feel that my car is safe in your lot eliminating my worrying about my car while I am away and know it spends more time there than in my garage. I appreciate your service as it is just as you advertise FAST, EASY AND STRESS FREE." -Vicki, Top 5 customer from Raleigh

"You guys are excellent!" -Emily, Top 5 customer from Tucson

"I keep coming back to Fast Park because your people are friendly and helpful and I never have to wait more than a few minutes for a pickup when I come home after a long day. Thanks!" -Monna, Top 5 customer from Tucson