If you’re considering adding travel to your New Year’s resolution list, we have a few go-to sites to inspire your getaways. Whenever we can’t take a trip, these two photo-heavy travel sites let us escape for a couple of hours.
Fest 300 is a site dedicated to the 300 best festivals around the world. You’ll find some expected festivals, like Oktoberfest, alongside a few unusual ones, like Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling, and ones you may never have heard of, like the Air Guitar World Championship.
Each festival entry includes stunning professional photos, attendee-submitted Instagram pictures, videos and tips for anyone who would like to attend. From the details of the event to what you need to bring with you, Fest 300 should be your first stop before you plan to experience a big festival.
Candace Rose Rardon combines her love of travel and watercolors on her unique blog, The Great Affair. She travels around the world and, rather than photograph what she sees, she paints it.
Rardon posts less often than most travel bloggers, but each post includes an original work of art she created while at her destination. It’s easy to get lost in her sketching adventures and descriptions of her trips.
If you fall in love with one of her creations, you can visit her Etsy shop. She has sketches and paintings from her travels for sale along with travel-inspired notecards and maps.
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