With more than 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is a great way to connect with your fellow travel enthusiasts. Find kindred spirits who enjoy blogging, photography or just living for the thrill of travel. There’s something for every type of traveler!

  1. For the digital nomad, Digital Nomads Around the World

If your office is nothing more than a laptop and a seat at a café in some far-off land, you’ll want to check in with this group of digital nomads. Tips and questions with valuable insights dominate the discussion, helping you to find the best destinations for connectivity and Wi-Fi speed or to draw inspiration for where to set-up your next “office.” Freelancing digital nomads also will rejoice as job postings frequently make an appearance in this group’s feed.

  1. For the travel photographer, Travel Photography Community

Whether you love being in front of the camera or behind it, there’s something for everyone who joins the Travel Photography Community group on Facebook. Enjoy gorgeous photos from around the globe and share your own. Or, for the budding travel photographer, turn to this group to find out all you need to know from the must-have photography equipment to how to capture that perfect sunset. Instagram enthusiasts also will find plenty of inspiration for the backdrop of their next #travelgram from the Travel Photography Community.

  1. For the family traveler, Travel Mad Families

For the family who’s just as mad about travel as they are about spending time with each other, Travel Mad Families is a great resource for tips and inspiration for your next trip. Vent about the difficulties of family travel or get input from parents who trot the globe with the kids in tow. The group prides itself on being a supportive community for discussing family travel so there’s no such things as a bad question, and you will find plenty of helpful advice to ensure your next family excursion a smooth-sailing success.

  1.  For the aspiring travel blogger, Travel Blogger Tales

Aspiring travel bloggers can get their names on the map with help from this Facebook travel group. Just as the name implies, this group is a place for travel bloggers to share tales from their travels and adventures in blogging. Have fun while networking by connecting with fellow bloggers, swapping your best travel tips and blasting your content out into the world alongside the more than 8,400 members who call this group home.

  1. For the travel hobbyist, Lonely Planet Traveler’s Group

For those that enjoy the thrill of travel with no strings attached, the Lonely Planet Travelers group is just the place for you. Find a horde of casual travelers with the experience and know-how to offer you the best travel advice and to answer all your travel-related questions. With nearly 60,000 members this group is truly global and features photos, videos and relics from around the globe as members share their favorite sites, landmarks and destinations.