It’s the 21st century, shouldn’t we all start traveling like it?

Every year gadget geeks and tech enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to see the latest and greatest doodads and tools, including some serious hardware to help you survive and thrive on your next trip.

All the gadgets and gizmos

Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts will want to check out the NexOptic DoubleTake. This two-for-one combination binoculars and camera is the ultimate birdwatching tool and will certainly elevate your sports-watching ability even when you’re sitting in the nosebleeds.

For those always on the hunt for the perfect vacay selfie, the AirSelfie2 dares you to take your selfie game up a notch with drone technology. Traveling with friends? Sync up with the LynQ Compass and never lose one another in a crowd again.

And, even the most everyday traveler can benefit from a few tech upgrades like the Targus Mobile VIP+ back. More than just an uber-stylish carry-on, this bag can charge your phone and protect you from potential credit card thieves with an RFID-blocker built into one of the pockets.

Catch some serious Z’s

If you’re someone who always seems to be seated next to a crying baby, have no fear because relief is on the horizon with the buzzworthy Jabra Elite 85h. These noise-canceling headphones will put your old pair to shame and are a must for any long-haul traveler stuck in a crowded, noisy cabin.

If earbuds are more your style, the Nuheara IQbuds Max  will be right up your alley. The wireless, noise-canceling smart buds are tiny but mighty and pack many features ideal for frequent travelers looking to save some space in their carry-ons.

Chronic snorers will breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the Hupnos Anti-snoring Sleep Mask. Gone are the worries of disturbing your less-than-enthused seatmates with your nose flute performance. This sleep mask works to monitor and control your breathing as you sleep to stop snoring and will even vibrate to alert you when a snore is detected so you can change your sleeping position to potentially alleviate the issue.

Tech for the traveling tyke

Terminal-side entertainment for the little ones is few and far between, but new tech-forward products and toys offer endless entertainment options. The Lunii My Fabulous Storyteller will keep kids entertained for hours with its endless story options. Choose a hero, setting, character and an object and they’ll be transported to their own imaginary kingdom or land far, far away.

Already have a tablet or phone loaded down with games and apps to keep the kids busy for the long-haul? Make sure it stands the test of your travels with the Speck Case-E designed with kids in mind and sure to withstand the drops, bumps and thumps from the car to the overhead bin.

Home sweet home

Finally, put the relaxation back into your vacation by never having to worry about what’s going on back home. Smart home devices like the Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell and SimCam will make sure everything is safe and sound while you’re away. From checking to make sure you closed the gate to keeping an eye on the packages left on your doorstep, these tools use cameras, motion sensors and artificial intelligence to ensure your peace of mind.