Planning and booking a vacation has never been so easy. From finding inspiration and planning itineraries to booking hotels, flights, car rentals and airport parking, every aspect of travel planning can be done from your computer or smartphone. While there are thousands of travel-related websites, many of these online resources turn to social media to more deeply engage, inform and entertain their audiences. Which Facebook pages are worth a like? 

Best known for its travel reviews, TripAdvisor is all about helping you plan your next adventure. Its Facebook page provides a mix of travel inspiration and fan engagement. In fact, some of its best vacation scenes are pictures posted by users to its Instagram page. The page also does a great job of linking its more than five million fans to its traditional website to learn more about featured destinations.

Solo Travel Society
Thinking about traveling solo? The Solo Travel Society is filled with content to help navigate the ever-popular world of solo travel. From the best destinations for “party of one” and tips for staying safe to a welcoming community of those who have done it before, you’ll want to like this page and follow along as you think about planning your next getaway.

Southwest Airlines
If for nothing else, frequent Southwest flyers should like and follow this page to keep track of the latest fare sales, travel alerts and flight-schedule notifications. But those who know and love the brand, enjoy that its big personality comes out on Facebook! The company often shares feel-good stories and plenty of great posts from passengers showing employees making flights more fun. The Southwest customer experience is carried through to its Facebook page.

Nomadic Matt
The popular travel blog is well known in the travel community, and its Facebook page is filled with travel tips, tricks and intel for everything from international to budget travel. The page is very engaging with fans who comment on the content.

Secret Flying
This page posts airfare deals for flights across the globe. While not every post will make sense for you and your home airport, Secret Flying’s dozens of daily posts feature a wide range of flight deals, so you don’t have to search for them. It even posts mistake fares that some airlines will honor when booked (now, that’s a great secret).

The Fast Park
We may be a tad biased, but if you’re not already following us, you should! Not only do we post important travel alerts, we share travel tips, resources and inspiration. Our Facebook page also serves as a customer service tool for our guests. Oh, and did we mention that we like to give away free parking and other fun prizes throughout the year? It’s just our way of saying thanks to our loyal customers.