Complimentary airline services are few and far between these days but thankfully bringing a carry-on is still one of them. Traveling with carry-on luggage is one of the easiest ways to save money when you fly. While you are limited to bringing two items onboard, a good carry-on is made to hold a lot of travel necessities. Whether your collection has seen better days or you’re simply looking to upgrade in size or capacity, we’ve assembled a list of luggage options that will fit any budget and travel need.

Good Housekeeping offers in-depth reviews of close to 30 light-weight carry-on bags. Each review includes a photo and a letter grade (A+ to B+). The Briggs & Riley Transcend 24” Expandable was the only bag to receive a perfect score for its ability to withstand water and rough handling.

For the business traveler, Executive Travel Magazine rated nine carry-on bags for their ease of use and durability. And, these are truly any business traveler’s dream bags – the Züca Pro Traveler has removable compartments that stack and slide like drawers and each Victorinox Spectra bag comes with its own universal tracking number and 24-hour customer support. For the techie business traveler, the Visionair Podpal is the only bag with a cradle to hold your tablet – turning your suitcase into a rolling entertainment center. These bags will make traveling easy, even when you’re far from home.

For travelers who are set on rolling luggage, Real Simple has a list of the best rolling bags. The Lift 29-inch Upright bag is made from polyester, which weighs 30 percent less than nylon. It’s built to distribute weight evenly, whether you’re rolling it through the airport or hoisting it into the overhead bin.

Travel expert Fodor’s created a list of ten durable carry-on bags. It features a wide variety of wheeled and shoulder bags. Our favorite is the versatile, two-wheeled Lipault purple satchel. It’s perfect to sling over your shoulder or wheel during a weekend getaway.

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