Fill in the blank: “When I leave the house without my cell phone, I feel ____________.” So, what did you say? Lost? Muddled? Worried? Disconnected? While most of us feel “all of the above” to some degree when we’re without our mobile devices, this stress is magnified when traveling.

Whether losing access to an eBoarding pass, hotel reservation, your calendar and navigation or facing the inability to call anyone – unless, of course, you find a landline and have telephone numbers memorized – our phones are our lifelines, our keepers of important information, our “right hands.”

To make certain our phones and other electronic devices remain “powered” when we’re on the go, we’ve identified three devices that will help you stay connected no matter the distance or remoteness of your destination.

Portable Charging Station: Between smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets, most of us are never far from our technology. Consider investing in a portable charging station. Charge up to four devices at once using a single electrical outlet and avoid the tangled mess of cables with the station’s compact design and cable rack system.

Electrical Adapter: If you’ve never traveled overseas, you’re in for an unwelcome realization when you go to plug in your devices and find that not all electrical outlets are created equal. This adapter from Tumi provides four different plug configurations that will have you covered in more than 150 countries.

Portable Charger: Bring the power source with you. Portable chargers have become more and more popular in recent years as powerful apps and heavy phone usage can wreak havoc on battery life. By carrying this fully charged “external battery power bank” with you, you can be miles away from an electrical outlet and still replenish the battery life of your devices. There are many options on the market, so be sure to shop around as many chargers cater to specific smartphones and tablets.    

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