Staying connected to your travel plans is easier than ever with the amount of apps available. From apps that hold your electronic boarding pass to ones that keep track of your flight delays, you no longer have to print everything out and keep track of it. Nearly everything can be at your fingertips on your phone. Many apps can also help you navigate the airport more easily with maps and restaurant locations.

Take a look at these helpful apps you’ll want to download before heading out to the airport.

Not only can GateGuru watch your flight information, including any gate changes or delays, it can also serve as a guide to the airport. From amenities and maps to restaurant listings, this app will serve as your guide and help kick any sign of boredom before your flight.

Want to know what the security lines look like? Make sure you have the MyTSA app. Wait times are updated by consumers waiting in line. While this is a great resource for gauging how much time security might take, you should still consider other factors such as the time of year or traffic issues when deciding how early to arrive to the airport.

This one is great for those who are dropping off or picking up passengers. Keep tabs on all of the departures and arrivals at the airport to make sure you’re there at the right time.

Keep everything from your flight and hotel information to car and restaurant reservations all in one place with this great app! The tool connects to your Gmail account to keep all of your information together in one easy spot.

Airport Apps
Many airports now have their own apps, which holds valuable information about gates, delays and where to eat. For all of our Atlanta travelers, you’ll want to check out the iFlyATL app. Baltimore travelers can download the Baltimore Pro app for live arrival and departure boards, terminal maps, restaurants and ground transportation. Other airports that have helpful apps include IAH, AUS and RDU.

Along with our list, Fodor’s Travel has a great list of apps to help you navigate airports and connections you’ll want to check out.

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