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Do I need reservations?

No, you don’t need reservations to park at a Fast Park facility. However, some of our facilities do fill during peak holiday seasons. During these times, we advise customers to call before leaving home. Over the past several months we have evaluated various reservation system options. We will be moving forward with offering a reservation system to our customers in 2016.

How long does it take to get to the airport from Fast Park?

In general, it takes approximately 5 -10 minutes from the time you enter the Fast Park facility until you are dropped off at the airport.

What is the Relax for Rewards℠ Program?

Relax for Rewards℠ is the Fast Park loyalty program which allows frequent travelers to earn free parking!

How do I use my Relax for Rewards℠ Card?

Your Rewards Card should be used upon entrance and exit. Simply insert your Rewards Card into the entrance column upon entrance and then into the exit column upon exit. Your activity will be tracked, allowing us to post your Rewards points into your Rewards Account within 24 hours of your exit. If you have any questions, please ask one of our friendly Fast Park cashiers.

Can I use my Relax for Rewards℠ membership card at any Fast Park location?

Yes!  Your Rewards Card now works at all of our 16 locations, nationwide.  If there is a corporate discount affiliated with your account, the discount is only good at your home facility.  If you would like to transfer your account to a new location please email us at

Can my family members use my Relax for Rewards℠ Membership?

Yes! Members of the same household including family and domestic partners may share Rewards Accounts and Rewards Free Parking Certificates. If members of a household will be traveling at the same time, please request separate accounts as only one car may enter per Rewards Card.

How do I earn points?

Use your Rewards Card upon entrance and exit and you will earn one point for every full paid day of parking. If you were unable to use your Rewards Card upon entrance or exit, log into and select My Rewards Area/Apply for Receipt Credit to enter your receipt data. We will credit your Rewards account based upon your receipt information.

What can I redeem my points for?

You may redeem your Rewards points for Free Parking Certificates. One FREE DAY certificate requires 8 points and one FREE WEEK certificate requires 40 points. FREE WEEK certificates must be used for a single trip, with any remaining days surrendered upon redemption.

What is the difference between a Free Day and a Free Week?

A Free Day will give you one day of parking free of charge. A Free Week will give you up to 7 consecutive days of parking free of charge. If you are using a Free Week, it is good for one trip only. Remaining days may not be used for a later trip.

How do I redeem points?

Log into and select My Rewards Area/Redeem Free Parking.

Can I reprint my FREE Parking certificates?

Yes! Log into and select My Rewards Area/My Parking History. Scroll to your FREE Parking certificate entry and select the printer icon.

Do my points expire?

No, your Relax for Rewards points never expire.

How can I check my Relax for Rewards℠ point balance?

Log into Your account balance will appear in the right side bar along with your name, account number and profile information.

I wasn’t able to use my Relax for Rewards℠ Card during my last visit, how can I get points for that trip?

Yes! Log into and select My Rewards Area/Apply for Receipt Credit. You will be asked to input your entrance date, location and receipt number. Upon completion, your Rewards account will be credited immediately.

I haven’t received my Relax for Rewards℠ Membership Card yet. Can I still park at Fast Park?

Yes. You may print a temporary card to present upon your entrance and exit at Fast Park. To do this, choose 'Replacement Card' from the My Rewards Area Menu at the top of the page. Scroll down and click on the 'Print a Temporary Card' link. Be sure to hold on to your receipt so that you can enter it online for Receipt Credit when you return.

I lost my Rewards card, how do I get a new one?

Log into and select My Rewards Area/Replacement Card. We will mail you a replacement Rewards Card, which should arrive to your address on file within 10 business days.

Can I print a receipt for a past parking trip?

Yes! Log into You will be taken to your Parking History page. Click on the printer icon next to the particular stay that you need a duplicate receipt for.

What if I have more than one account or membership card?

Please call 1-877-806-7275 (PARK) and Betsi, our Rewards Representative, will assist you. You can also contact her through our contact us page.

My personal information has changed. How can I update my Rewards Account?

Log into and select My Rewards Area/View My Profile. Select the Edit button and correct the appropriate information. If you need additional assistance, please contact Betsi, our Rewards Representative.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my account?

You can contact our Relax for Rewards representative, Betsi at 1-877-806-7275 (PARK).

Do you accommodate passengers with disabilities?

FastPark is committed to providing accessible transportation service to customers with special requirements and does not discriminate on the basis of disability.  We welcome all customers at FastPark and will work with you to ensure you get to and from the airport efficiently and safely.  In certain cases, this may include valet services at no additional costs.  Please let our Cashier know upon entrance if you need additional assistance. 

Do you have Electronic Vehicle charging stations?

Absolutely! Our Austin, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Orlando facilities are equipped with multiple, dual level 2 ChargePoint EV stations.  This FastChargeTM service is complimentary for all FastPark customers.  Our remaining facilities have 120V outdoor GFI rated outlets, which our customers are welcome to use as needed.  Currently, our EV services are offered first-come, first-serve basis. Please let our cashier know your needs upon entrance.