What is Power2Go?

Power2Go is an evolution in our FastCharge EV service. Beginning summer 2022, we will be piloting this new service at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta before rolling it out to other Fast Park facilities around the country.

With this new charging model, we are making the change from a “park and charge” model to a fast and flexible “top-off” service in which guests needing a little extra “juice” before exiting the facility take advantage of a powerful, new DC Fast Charger. This service will be offered in Atlanta for $.25/minute.


Why are you changing the FastCharge service offering?

Through station usage data and valuable guest feedback, we’ve discovered that the “park and charge” model is inefficient, unscalable and often inaccessible for our EV guests with intermittent charging needs. 

Power2Go alleviates the capacity constraints we’ve been facing with more EV drivers on the road by providing guests in need of a “top-off” with a fast and efficient option.


How many DC Fast Chargers will be available for use?

We’re piloting the new, fast-charging station in Atlanta and starting with a single unit; however, we are building the infrastructure to add additional stations. We will closely monitor guest usage and demand and will make adjustments to our FastCharge service, as necessary.


How does the DC Fast Charger work?

We find that most EV guests arrive to our facility with an ample charge and don’t require the use of a charging station for a long period of time … especially not for the length of their stay. The new DC Fast Charger is intended to enable guests to “top off” before exiting the facility, more closely mirroring the charging practices of typical EV drivers. The fast-charging technology provides up to 25 percent more power to your vehicle than a 50kW station. We ask that customers limit their charging session to 15 minutes to be courteous of other guests who may need the service.


Will we now have to pay a fee to access FastCharge Services?

A nominal fee of $.25/minute will be paid through your credit card or ChargePoint account.


Are you removing the existing FastCharge stations?

Existing FastCharge parking spots and stations will remain at facilities approximately 30 days after installing the new fast-charging technology. While the removal of long-term charging stations will be a change for our guests, the evolution of our FastCharge offering is more reflective of the marketplace and the future with more EVs on the road.


Do I have to have a ChargePoint account to use the new DC Fast Charger?

ChargePoint membership is not required. Guests can access the new FastCharge Charger with a credit card. If ChargePoint membership is desired, you can sign up for a free account and access ChargePoint’s mobile apps for Apple and Android devices here: chargepoint.com/drivers.