Word-of-mouth marketing has been touted as THE most trusted form of marketing. Potential guests and customers often like to hear what others have to say about a destination, an experience or a service. While buyers have long listened to the opinions and experiences of family, friends and others they trust, popular online influencers – and even complete strangers – also play important roles in shaping attitudes about a brand, experience or destination.

Traveling requires significant investments of time and money, so it’s no wonder that consumers have a lot to say – whether good or bad – about their experiences. Artificial intelligence is definitely playing an important role in vacation planning for many early adopters of the technology; however, nothing compares to a first-person account of an experience. Here are just a few reasons why reviews are so valuable – whether you’re giving them or taking them in.

Do Your Duty – Leave a Review

Regift your travels. If you think you put together the perfect itinerary or simply had the best time visiting a new place, let the whole world know about it! There’s a first for everything, and you may just be the next great vacation pioneer.

Family-owned and locally operated companies don’t garner the same attention as popular destinations, theme parks or the “it” things to do. All the more reason to check in at that cute boutique hotel on Facebook, create an Instagram reel about your excursion or review the small restaurant you took a chance on (and loved). You’ll not only let others know about worthwhile experiences, you’ll also be helping reputable businesses grow and attract more people like you!

Spare others the headache. Everything doesn’t always go your way; crowds, traffic and even weather can derail even the best travel plans. While being a victim of circumstance is unfortunate, when a long-awaited vacation disappoints due to poor service, shoddy accommodations or marketing hype that didn’t deliver in real life, let your fellow travelers know. Taking a vacation is a luxury for many, so providing them with your perspective will help them choose the best options that meet their needs.

Let the business know how it can improve. Customer service feedback can serve as a wealth of knowledge for brands committed to utilizing these responses. While positive reviews can showcase a business’s strengths, negative write-ups may expose shortcomings for the brand to correct. No travel experience is going to earn a five-star review every single time, but does the destination, tour operator, hotel or service provider take the time to listen and learn from the feedback? That’s often more telling than the negative review itself.

Do Your Homework – Read Reviews

Book your perfect trip. There’s no better way to research, explore from afar and set your expectations than reading the full spectrum of online reviews. All the reasons above about why you should take the time to write a review are the same reasons why reading about the experiences of fellow travelers is one of the best resources for travel planning.

At Fast Park, we are constantly looking to our guests for feedback. Your insights let us know if we’re delivering on our Peace of Mind® promise to provide a first-class, stress-free airport parking experience to our guests. Want to shout-out an employee or leave a review of your hometown facility? Tell us your Fast Park story on our website.