When it comes to airport parking, cost and convenience drive decision-making. But when traveling out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), travelers also need to consider one more important factor – their travel destination.

International or Domestic?

Serving more than 100 million passengers a year, ATL is the largest and busiest airport in the United States. It has two terminals – international and domestic – and each has distinct parking options.

Exclusively servicing the international terminal, Fast Park transports guests only to the international terminal. Savvy travelers flying domestic with only carry-on luggage can skip the crowded domestic security lines, breeze through security and arrive gate-side even quicker. The only catch – you must print or download your boarding pass ahead of time as only Delta passengers have the option of printing their domestic tickets in the international terminal.

Those flying domestic with checked bags will want to explore alternative parking options as Fast Park does not service the domestic terminal. If you are able to cut down on your baggage with a few helpful packing tips, you can still take advantage of this busy airport’s best-kept secret and sail through the shorter security lines in the international terminal.

Tip: If you end up at the wrong terminal, you can catch the international shuttle connector at the international terminal baggage claim and take a 15-minute shuttle ride to the domestic terminal’s ground transportation area.


Privately run, off-site facilities are often more affordable than traditional airport lots. Fast Park – which has one of the cheapest and closest parking facilities, located less than a mile from ATL’s international terminal – prides itself on making customers’ parking experience easy and relaxing. From car-to-airport terminal service and complimentary newspapers and bottled water to friendly, professional staff and luggage assistance, Fast Park packs in the amenities for an everyday low rate of $11.50 per day.

Terminal parking can be a great choice if you are parking hourly but can get expensive for multiday and long-term stays. Rates at ATL’s terminal garage run as high as $36 per day.

Effortless experience

We’ve all been there: You drive into a crowded parking garage, drive up and down row after row … only to later forget your parking level and section upon your return. This is a common occurrence with traditional airport parking, especially during peak travel periods.

When you arrive to Fast Park’s ATL parking facility, a cashier directs you to a parking spot and a shuttle picks you up at your car. A driver assists with your luggage and provides you with a card noting your exact location. Your return home is just as easy. Shuttle service is continuous to and from the airport, so your wait time is usually never more than five minutes.

Big perks for loyalty

Loyalty is the name of the game when it comes to frequent travel. If you take to the skies several times per year, or are just interested in saving money, search for parking options that offer rewards programs.

Fast Park’s Relax for Rewards program allows members to earn points toward free parking, make free reservations for future stays and manage travel expenses. You can earn a free day of parking after just eight full, paid days.