If you’ve traveled in the last 14 years, you’re likely aware of the carry-on restrictions you face when you don’t check your bag. But we wanted to not only refresh your knowledge (especially for infrequent travelers), but also find out if anything has changed.

Your current carry-on is safe…for now
Travelers voiced great concern in June when the International Air Transportation Association announced plans to change size restrictions for carry-ons by reducing the allowable size by 20 percent. The group quickly backed down when travelers expressed outrage. We suspect this won’t be the last time we hear of such ideas to reduce the size, but, for now, your beloved carry-on should be ok. However, always check with your specific airline before leaving as an individual airline can change its restrictions at any time.

Check TSA regulations
It’s always a good idea to double check the TSA website  for carry-on restrictions to see if anything has changed. The site includes a very helpful list on what you can bring in your carry-on versus checked bag and it’s categorized by firearms, food, sharp objects, sporting goods, tools, self-defense and explosives for easy searching.

Don’t be forced to toss your shampoo
Even though strict liquid rules have been in place for many years now, chances are you’re still seeing passengers forced to toss their beloved beauty products at checkpoint. Follow the 3-1-1 rule which allows one quart-sized bag in your carry-on with as many 3.4 ounce containers as can fit in the bag. This includes liquid foundation, liquid eye liner and others. The two exceptions to this rule are medication, and infant and child nourishment's. Also, make sure this bag is easy to grab since you’ll have to pull it out while going through security.

A helpful tip: the size of the container matters. Even if you only have 2 ounces of a liquid but it’s in a 5 ounce bottle, it won’t be allowed on your flight.

Some accessories are good to go
Disposable razors and safety razors are allowed in your carry-on. Other sharp objects, including straight razors, aren’t allowed but can be packed in your checked bag. You’re also allowed to bring nail clippers, tweezers and scissors shorter than four inches.

Even though restrictions don’t change that frequently, it’s always good to check airline sites or TSA for any updates before you leave the house. As we always say, “Better safe than sorry!”

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