With airport traffic surpassing pre-pandemic levels to close out 2023, we are beyond excited for another booming year of travel in 2024! While making a parking reservation is trending these days, we’re not going to bore you with that ask (beyond providing you this link to make a parking reservation for your upcoming travel). 😊 We found some other interesting trends being reported though and are curious if our guests would consider testing them out in 2024.

Gig Tripping

Want to see that popular artist in concert but the venue closest to you is sold out? Or perhaps the show was so amazing that you’d travel to catch that performance again? The destination concert business is booming and even fans who would have never ordinarily considered traveling for a gig have been swept up in the trend (we’re looking at you, Swifties). Whether traveling for a music festival or a single concert, gig tripping is definitely a “rocking” trend.

Destination ‘Dupes’

If you’re on TikTok, you’re likely familiar with the “dupe” trend in which users share their findings of affordable alternatives or knock-off versions of popular brands or products. Well, the same concept applies to destination “dupes.” When planning travel and seeking to go to a hot destination on a staycation budget, simply plug “travel dupes” into your searches, and see if your pricey destination is being compared to a less expensive, hidden gem.

Bleisure Travel

With mobile phones never far from our grasp, work-life balance has shifted as staying connected to our jobs 24/7 often feels like an expectation. The bleisure travel trend – blurring the lines between traveling for business and leisure – is one way to shift that balance for some personal gain. The trend involves extending a work trip with leisure travel by adding on days before or after your work event for a little personal time. And what a bonus if portions of your travel costs, such as flights, can be expensed.  

Home Swapping

Remote and hybrid work environments have influenced so many trends, home swapping included. A week away used to mean a week of PTO, but that’s no longer the case. Now professionals recognize that work can go on ... even when you’re thousands of miles from home. Spending weeks in a faraway destination doesn’t have to cost a fortune or wait for retirement! With home swapping, you can score a free stay at a home in exchange for offering up your own home. With home-swapping platforms like Kindred, you can secure your match and live like a local, halfway across the world.

At Fast Park, we think that just about any new travel adventure is worth exploring. And if you can catch your favorite band in that hidden-gem destination near you work conference while staying in someone’s home for free – you may have just satisfied all of our favorite travel trends for 2024!