The Biggest Loser reality television show has inspired millions of Americans with contestants’ heartfelt stories and jaw-dropping physical transformations. It has motivated many to seek out similar resorts that provide structured weight-loss vacations with intense physical workouts.

If you’re looking to make positive lifestyle changes in an encouraging environment, you may want to try a weight-loss resort. From breath-taking scenery to luxurious spas, these resorts are a far cry from the old-school camps that focused on fast, short-term weight loss through deprivation. Modern-day programs encourage healthy living and empower individuals to feel good about themselves. Here’s the skinny on some of the world’s best weight-loss trips.

Skip the dessert for the desert
Canyon Ranch has been the leader in healthy vacations for nearly four decades. Its holistic approach to weight loss allows guests to customize their experience to focus on a specific health concern or personal goal. Specially prepared, well-balanced meals and luxurious spa treatments allow you to love your body even more.

The Life Enhancement Program® is a weeklong, in-depth experience that provides guests with professional guidance, hands-on learning and practical tools in a group setting. It’s ideal for first-time visitors, solo travelers and family members who want to begin a fitness program, develop healthy eating patterns, manage stress or recuperate after a surgery or illness. The program even offers specialty weeks that focus on women’s health, brain health and performance, and spiritual healing and health.

Cruise to health
The first-ever Weight Watchers Dream Cruise is scheduled to set sail on May 6, 2017. Guests will cruise the Caribbean for eight days and seven nights and take part in onboard Weight Watchers meetings and enjoy fresh, delicious and healthy meals. While point values still count, there’s no limit to fun with plenty of cooking demonstrations, fitness classes, social hours and Caribbean islands to explore.

Fitness Adventure Travel – a unique travel company that places equal emphasis on adventure and health – offers a six-night package in the Mediterranean where guests are whisked away to the best beaches to practice yoga, enjoy meditation sessions and admire stunning sunsets. A daily yoga glow and energizing vegetarian meals bring all the inner happiness and peace you need to become healthier.    

Make weight loss a reality
While you may not get a pep talk from Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Malibu, Calif. or Ivins, Utah, provides the same motivation and intense coaching as the reality TV show. The wellness-focused weight-loss program provides a life-changing experience through a five-point philosophy of fitness, nutrition, education, relaxation and camaraderie. A typical day starts with sunrise yoga at 6:00 AM and includes a mixture of activity, education and calorie-controlled meals. While spa services are optional, they’re highly encouraged and hard to ignore with soothing body treatments, luxurious facials, acupuncture and full-body makeovers.

Spafinder Wellness 365 can help you find the weight-loss inspiration you need close to home or on your next vacation. Whether you want personal training, nutritional counseling or a weight-loss vacation, search by your zip code or preferred service and find health wherever you are.

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