After the rice is thrown and the last slice of wedding cake served, newlyweds can finally shift their attention to the long-awaited honeymoon.

For the couple bound to health and wellness just as strongly as they are now bound to each other, the honeymoon is the perfect time to focus on the “health” part of “in sickness and in health.”

For the Active Couple

What better backdrop for the active couple on their honeymoon than the island of St. Lucia? From sailing to SCUBA diving, mountain biking, hiking and more, honeymooning in St. Lucia is for the couple who’s always on the go. Part of the Caribbean’s southernmost islands, St. Lucia offers a resort-like experience while still allowing you to maintain your active lifestyle. Enjoy a four-hour climb up the Pitons, St. Lucia’s iconic, volcanic mountains, or snorkel on one of the islands secluded, remote beaches like Anse Cochon for an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

For the Thrill-seeking Couple

For the couple looking to get their heart-thumping like the first-time they laid eyes on each other, Queenstown, New Zealand, is the honeymoon destination for you. Plunge into marital bliss by bungy jumping off the iconic Kawarau Bridge or the Nevis high wire, the highest bungy jump in the country. Race across the water through narrow, rocky gorges on New Zealand’s famous jet boat rides. When it’s time to finally call it a day and relax, do so as you float through the skies on a hot air balloon ride while sipping wine from one of the region’s wineries.

For the Nature-loving Couple

The nature-loving couple will absolutely adore the nature preserves and national parks of Costa Rica. Couples can take advantage of Costa Rica’s expansive eco-tourism industry by booking a glamorous eco-lodge or a romantic rainforest bungalow. Walk the country’s coastal beaches snaking along both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean and catch glimpses of sea turtles walking across the sand or whales wading in the waves. Trek through Costa Rica’s dense rainforests for a peak at the country’s stunning biodiversity and you may just stumble upon one of the small nation’s many cascading waterfalls.

For the Zen Couple

For the couple looking to tap into their Zen after many months of wedding planning, look no farther than Bhutan. The small country tucked into the Himalayas measures its Gross National Happiness (GNH) as opposed to a Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a perfect mindset for the couple looking to begin their marriage on a blissful note. Bhutan offers an idyllic-setting for a week (if not more) of wellness and relaxation. Connect with your inner self or meditate on the meaning of life as you retreat to one of Bhutan’s many Buddhist temples or monasteries. Dip into the hot springs found in many parts of the country for even more healing and relaxation.

Ready for a honeymoon (or enticed to take a second honeymoon)?