Our guests are no strangers to traversing the globe. From navigating busy airports to stuffing suitcases with the right necessities and avoiding major travel headaches, we gathered a wealth of advice directly from those who know best. See some of our favorite tips sourced from our knowledgeable travel community on Facebook and Instagram.

Packing Hacks
Whether you’re a minimalist packer or an over-preparer, these tried-and-true strategies will help you save space, stay organized and ensure you make the most of every square inch of your suitcase. And if the unexpected happens, you’ll never be stranded without the essentials. 

  • “Always take a picture of your checked in luggage … This way if it gets lost and you need to report it, then you could just show them a picture instead of trying to describe a generic bag.” Steve G.
  • “Pack a completely foldable bag in your bag and if you pick up some goodies while traveling, you have a way to bring them home without the need to buy a new bag while traveling.” DeeAnn W.
  • “Always carry fresh pair of underwear in your carry-on in case you get stranded somewhere without your luggage.” Chris J.
  • “I use contact lens cases for small amounts of lotions, moisturizers, etc. Use saran wrap under the cap of bottles to help prevent leaks.” Angie M.
  • “Make a copy of your passport and ID/cards and documents just in case yours are lost or stolen.” Mindy M.

Beach Bound
Avid beachgoers know just what to pack to enjoy a sun-filled day on the shore. No crabby patties here! These tips will help keep the sand at bay and your valuables safe.

  • “We always use a satin-like material king size flat sheet (weight down only corners with sand) under all of our towels to prevent sand in everything. It slides off the sheet so much easier than the towels!” Misty T.
  • “Freeze some water bottles to keep the other drinks cold and when they melt you also have cool water.” Diana C.
  • “My favorite beach travel hack is collapsing buckets!!! They save space and the kids love them!!!” Jennifer J.
  • “Bring a small bottle (hotel size) of conditioner. A little bit helps get a comb through sea salted hair and untangle it!!” Kathy C.
  • “Put phone, money and valued items in a beach bag that has a combination lock to your beach chair on beach or at pool. Very inexpensive.” Judy B.

Technology Savers
These travelers understand the value of staying connected and entertained while exploring the world. Whether you’re looking to stay productive, navigate unfamiliar terrain or keep a charge, these tips will ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips.

  • “Solar power bank is my go-to when traveling. Can be charged via a plug as well. I just clip it to the outside of a bag and off I go!!!!” Amy P.
  • “Invest in a case to store cords and chargers and stock it so it’s always ready to go. No more gathering up the needed items. Duplicating must-have travel items is a time saver!” Judi O.
  • “Make sure all your songs in your music library are actually downloaded on your phone so you can play them on the plane. Just because they are in your library doesn’t mean they are saved on your phone when you have no service.” Kellie W.
  • “Print a hard copy of your agenda and directions with a map to your destination before leaving. Also, get hard-copy brochures for your travel destination (with suggested things to see & do) because you can't always count on internet & power access when traveling (especially to more remote locations).” Michael B.
  • “We have gotten ear buds on various tours over the years. I always toss a couple pair in my backpack. They work well enough, and if I lose them, I am not upset like I would be if it were my good ones.” Cheryl K.

Thanks to everyone who participated and shared a tip during our Travel Tipster giveaway.

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