Sticky countertops, hair in the drain or empty wrappers in a cup holder would have been enough to trigger a negative online review before 2020. Today, the implications for poor sanitization practices have more dire consequences than just a one-star review. We have even higher expectations – and rental companies are delivering – as a dirty rental isn’t merely an annoyance, it’s a safety concern.

While the cleanliness of a vacation or car rental has always been extremely important, COVID-19 has elevated the care companies take in making sure customers have a safe and sanitary experience. Let’s admit, this is one silver lining we can attribute to the pandemic!

Airlines have gone the extra mile, but travelers need more than just a safe flight when embarking on travel. Contactless check-ins and enhanced cleaning procedures are now the norm. But are your go-to hotels and car rental companies taking safety to the next level?

We’ve rounded up the policies and procedures being implemented by vacation and car rental providers as they maintain an enhanced standard of care. Click through the links below before you book your next rental:

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