You’ve found the deal of the century and booked your next vacation through a low-cost carrier. Like most discounted products or services, less money usually means less frills. Low-cost carriers have made conscious decisions to reduce their operating costs to transfer the savings to their customers. This can mean no assigned seating, in-flight entertainment or peanuts. Before you head to the airport, check out these five tips for making the most at of your no-fills flight.

1.    Pack a snack bag.
There are no free peanuts, pretzels or cookies on low-cost carriers. Expect to pay for every snack and beverage, including water.

2.    Know the luggage policies.
Baggage fees vary widely from airline to airline, so it pays to know the luggage policies in advance of booking. A free carry-on on one airline could cost $35 on another. Check out our baggage fee comparison chart of eight major airlines.

3.    Remain flexible.
If your flight is cancelled, budget airlines often don’t have another flight until the next day (or next week), so you may be stuck with an extended vacation or rental car.

4.    Understand you’ve ditched comfort for cost.
While it varies by airline, the interior of lower-cost flights may be different. It’s better to go in expecting the worse: less leg room, no TV and seats that don’t recline. The good news? Less amenities doesn’t mean less safe.

5.    Map out your destination.
Traveling cheaper can mean flying in and out of alternative airports. Most major cities have secondary airports or an airport in a nearby town. Just be sure to check a map – it could be the difference between a hotel shuttle and a $100 taxi fare.

The good news for all travelers is that customer service doesn’t have a price tag. If you’ve flown with the budget carriers and have addition tips, please share them on our Facebook page.