Halloween is one of our favorite holidays – from candy and costumes to haunted houses and scary stories, it’s the perfect opportunity to plan a spooky vacation. We found some of the best haunted spots to add to your next trip.
The Telegraph UK assembled a list of the scariest places in the world. Our favorite destination has to be the Stanley Hotel in Colorado. The haunted building was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. 
For a spine-tingling trip, visit CNN’s list of freakiest places on the planet. The photos of the Island of Dolls in Mexico are creepy, but have a nicer-than-expected story. A man living on the island hung dolls on tree branches to leave toys for the spirit of a young girl who drowned nearby. 
If you are looking for a spooky stop in the U.S., Fox News put together a list of scariest places in America. The lighthouse in St. Augustine, Fla. looks like the perfect destination. Guests say they still hear laughter from two young girls who fell from a tram car when the lighthouse was being built.
USAToday also has a list of the most haunted cities in the U.S. Get your fill of ghosts and history at Gettysburg, Pa. You can take candlelit ghost walks and view videos of paranormal activity on the Gettysburg battlefield. 
For a Halloween-themed travel destination, peruse ABC News’ list of spookiest trips. Visit Providence, R.I. in October and you can see 10,000 spookily-carved pumpkins on display at the Roger Williams Park Zoo. 
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