Whether walking hand-in-hand down the beach or dining at a dimly lit corner table in the world’s finest restaurants, romantic getaways are a sure way for couples to relax, recharge and reconnect.

How to plan the perfect getaway

Traveling with your loved one offers the chance to escape hectic schedules and the countless distractions that often get in the way of time together. The perfect getaway for two requires some planning to make sure your trip is exactly what you need and want. Don’t let unexpected delays or interruptions throw a wrench in the romance. Secure what you can in advance, whether it’s dinner reservations, event tickets or the best pool-side cabana. (Reminder: Don’t let airport parking be an afterthought! Reservations are free for Relax for Rewards members and spots tend to be as in-demand as those coveted pool-side cabanas during peak travel periods.) It’s also important to consider what you both want out of a trip. Is it peace and relaxation, an adrenaline rush or sightseeing? Vacation is not the place for negotiations, so figure out those details in advance. But don’t crowd your agenda with too many obligations; they say spontaneity is the spice of life and leaving a little room in your itinerary for the unexpected “detour” may just be the highlight of your trip.

Destinations to consider

There’s planning the perfect getaway, then there’s visiting an extra indulgent destination where it really feels like love is in the air. Travel + Leisure’s Romantic Getaways page features the world’s best cities for romance, including quaint European villages and breathtaking beaches. Paris may be the City of Love, but St. Lucia offers a champagne zip line. And if you’re planning the ultimate romantic getaway – your honeymoon – there are recommendations for that, too. For couples who want to stay in the states, U.S. News has a list of the best romantic getaways in the country. Spots like Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands will come as no surprise, but the list also features gems like Oregon’s Willamette Valley – a perfect (and often less crowded) wine-lover’s retreat – and Jackson Hole, Wyoming – an alternative paradise with natural hot springs and mountains in every direction.

Take a path less traveled

Even if your destination is a popular couples retreat, explore unique experiences to bond and reconnect. Ask a local for recommendations. If you’re in a “foodie heaven,” sign up for a cooking class. Or perhaps this alone time will enable you to tackle a mountain or explore canyons and waterfalls without kids in tow. Just remember to take lots of photos to remember each moment. They will be great keepsakes to pull out when hustle and bustle of everyday life are anything but romantic!