Thanksgiving is almost here. You may be starting to think about packing and getting the family ready for your flight, but the trip will be here sooner than you think. Before you leave for the airport, here are a few tips to make sure your travel is smooth and easy.
1. Check your flight
No matter what the weather is like outside, it’s important to check your flight information before you leave home. While the weather may be sunny in Cincinnati, your plane could be delayed due to a snowstorm in Denver.
2. Charge your devices
With a full airport, you can bet free electrical outlets will be difficult to find. Make sure the iPad, iPod and smartphone are fully charged before you leave the house.
3. Stow snacks in your carry-on
Stash granola bars, dried fruit, nuts and a couple of sweet treats in your carry-on bag. Foods full of protein will keep the entire family full and avoid expensive snack attacks at the airport or on the plane.
4. Split up your family clothing
If you are planning to check bags, make sure everyone is carrying at least one item of clothing for other family members. Even if one bag goes missing, everyone will still have something clean to wear.
5. Turn flight time into me time
How often do you get uninterrupted time when you’re not running errands, answering emails or taking care of the house? If you’re sans small kids, soak up this time on your flight with a little relaxation. Listen to your favorite music or indulge in a good book. You can even pamper yourself a bit — take a nap, or soften your hands with some cocoa butter and cotton gloves. You’ll walk off the plane looking and feeling great.

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