At Fast Park, we’re always looking for unique and creative ways to give back. This week, we’re helping you do the same by planning a volunteer vacation. 
Outdoorsy volunteers can join the American Hiking Society to rebuild and maintain trails across the U.S. Volunteers are assigned to crews made up of six to fifteen people who camp, backpack and clean up our nation’s trails.
Habitat for Humanity offers short-term trips in the U.S., Canada and worldwide. This year, the Mission Rebuild project is in Tuscaloosa, Ala., a city devastated by a tornado in April 2011. Teams of 10 to 30 volunteers are needed to spend a week lending a helping hand on various projects throughout the city. If an international destination sounds more interesting, Habitat for Humanity organizes trips to Borneo, Columbia, Nepal, Bulgaria, El Salvador, Malawi, Guatemala and Sri Lanka. 
Diving enthusiasts can join the Oceanic Society to participate in research and help save endangered species and habitats around the world. The organization’s current Volunteer Vacations include a trip to Belize to study Antillean manatees, monitor the coral reef or learn about bottlenose dolphins. 
Retailer REI plans trips to Latin America and North America. From working with park rangers in Machu Picchu to preserving Yosemite National Park, REI has reviews, activity level ratings and trip descriptions to help you plan the perfect vacation for you.
USAToday created a list of the 10 best family volunteer vacations. Our favorite has to be Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Fla. Located near Disney World, the resort offers children with life-threatening illnesses a chance to experience theme park magic for free. The resort needs 1,400 volunteers each week to help with pony rides, scoop ice cream and much more.
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