Need that extra bit of motivation to sign up for a marathon? After perusing through these beautiful destination marathons for inspiration, we think you’ll be ready in no time!

To start our search we went straight to Runner’s World, one of the most trusted resources for runners. Check out its half marathon bucket list. From the mostly downhill course in Steamboat Springs, Colorado (where you can recover in a natural hot spring) to the nighttime course down the Las Vegas Strip, this is a list that’s tough to beat.

When it comes to the most breathtaking (literally!) marathons around the world, Popsugar has you covered with its list of six marathons worth traveling the world for. Think you can add 5,164 stone steps to your run? Try The Great Wall Marathon in Tianjin, China. Runners of this marathon should expect to add an extra hour or two to their normal time due to the steep elevations. Or if you’re looking for something a little more flat, give The Big Five Marathon in Limpopo, South Africa a go. The course takes runners through actual lion territory while protected by rangers and helicopters.

If you’re a seasoned runner, why not go back to where it all began? The Athens Marathon in Greece follows the original marathon course. “Legend has it that when the battle was won, the Athenian messenger Pheidippides ran twenty-four miles to Athens, carrying news of that stunning victory. The modern marathon commemorates this feat.”

Running around the world can be exhausting though, so if you’re looking for an amazing destination a little closer to home, CNN highlights seven U.S. marathons worth the trip. From the famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Nashville with live music along the course, to the flat neighborhoods of the Windy City, these American cities know how to throw a crazy running party as well!

We’ve got our running shoes ready to roll, how about you? Have you run a destination marathon before? Share your experiences with other Fast Park guests on our Facebook page!