Gone are the days of dreaming about the perfect vacation. After years of staycations and excursions to the backyard, a sense of wanderlust is returning. Here are some notable travel trends our Fast Park team has uncovered for 2023.

A bit of nostalgia

For the traveler who is tired of the hustle and bustle, many will turn to a trip down memory lane. Things like rail travel or a seaside adventure can be a welcomed escape from our hyper-connected world. Returning to destinations enjoyed during childhood or in years past also point to a simpler time. According to the Forbes Travel Trends Report 2023, “88% of travelers want nostalgic getaways in 2023 – things like visits to retro film locations or bus travel to evoke school trips.”

The mindful movement

Wellness remains a hot topic at the forefront of “luxury experiences.” Many travelers are turning to vacations in the new year to jumpstart their wellbeing. This includes everything from weight loss to digital detox and amenities like restorative sleep suites and personal mindfulness coaches. Conde Nast Traveler says wellness travel has become one of the industry’s fastest growing sectors. This trend goes beyond solitude in the mountains and has travelers customizing their experiences based on their preferred relaxation methods, whether that’s pickleball, pottery or the spa. Let Fast Park add to your Zen experience with fast, friendly and convenient car-to-terminal service.

Let’s retreat

Although business travel still lags, experts predict 2023 will see a rise in destination business retreats. After years of remote and hybrid work assignments, many companies and employees are eager to focus on strengthening relationships through corporate recreation, where teamwork is not only encouraged but necessary. Increased remote work also is allowing employees to take “hush” trips where they can log in, get to work and save some time to explore without ever telling their employer. In a volatile economy, corporations are still looking to travel programs that offer competitive rates, quick and relaxing service and convenient travel tools.

Save time and money

Unpredictable flights and inflated rates will carry into the new year, so travelers are planning wisely and taking advantage of any chance to save. Expedia’s 2023 Air Travel Hacks Report suggests booking flights on a Sunday to save up to 15% on average. Travelers also are encouraged to fly in the morning, as you’re 50% more likely to be impacted by flight cancellations if departing after 3 p.m. And don’t waste any time worrying about airport parking. A Fast Park reservation guarantees your parking accommodations and is always free to Relax for Rewards Members. Plus, you can earn points toward Free Parking each time you stay with us.

Adventure awaits in 2023! And no matter the chosen travel experience, one trend is for certain – people are again ready to roam.