Multigenerational trips, which include at least three generations of family members, are on the rise. However, planning for one does take time, organization and, likely, a little patience. After all, you’re planning for extended family members with various expectations, likes and interests.

We found some great tips to get you started that will, hopefully, keep the whole family happy. This could be your best trip yet and the start of a beautiful tradition that each generation will cherish and look forward to.

Start with the budget
It may seem easy but setting a budget is an important thing to discuss with everyone who will be going on the trip. Are you splitting costs, asking certain family members to only pay for food, or are you simply planning the details and then having each family book on their own? All things to think about way ahead of making any final decisions on where to go. Another tip is to work with a travel agent who can organize the expenses and may even be able to get you group rates and other deals. They will also work on your behalf if something goes wrong.

Pinpoint the perfect destination
While grandma may be fit, she may not be up for an exhausting hike in the mountains so it’s important to keep all family members in mind when picking a location and activities.
Family Circle has a list of some of the best destinations for a multigenerational trip. From an Alaskan Adventure cruise to camping out at a National Park, these destinations have something fun for all ages. AARP also has a great list of top destinations including London; St. Louis, Missouri; Flagstaff, Arizona; and Patagonia.

Coordinate packing
When everything is planned and you’re ready to start packing, check in with family members to make sure you’re not doubling up on items. If someone is already bringing a hair straightener, don’t pack yours. If you have a first aid kit, let everyone else know they don’t need to bring one. The more you coordinate, the lighter your luggage will be. A win-win for everyone!

Designate photographers
It’s hard to be the only one capturing every memory on a trip. Sometimes if you’re the one always behind the camera, not only are you not in the photos, but you may feel you miss out on other things as well. Designate one or two people to take turns capturing the day’s activities and you’ll have a lifetime of memories for each generation to enjoy.

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