Summer is synonymous with travel. Every year Americans take advantage of school breaks and warmer temperatures to venture out. Whether planning a week at the lake or beach, taking in a Fourth of July fireworks display or logging some miles to attend a destination wedding, sold-out event or festival, it pays to plan ahead. If you're heading to this summer's hottest event – the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris – also factor in extra hours to navigate customs at Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is notoriously slow during non-peak travel times. (If Paris isn’t in your summer plans, all is not lost as we’re running some Summer Games of our own. Check them out for a chance to win Free Parking and fun prizes.)

Meanwhile, airports around the U.S. are expecting another record-setting season as the demand to fly remains high with airfare down about 6% from last year, according to Hopper’s 2024 Summer Travel Outlook. So, it’s a great time to get a refresher on high-season travel tips. These tried-and-true best practices will help you make the most of your travels while avoiding some all-too common speed bumps along the way.

  1. Secure bookings and reservations early. If you’re traveling to a big event or a top beach destination, secure your flights, accommodations and activities early. As soon as your travel dates and location are set, finalize the rest of your itinerary. Finding a last-minute deal is a sure way to score a vacation at an extreme discount, but it’s a gamble. Waiting to find the best deals just weeks before your planned time away only works if your vacation is flexible when it comes to destination, timing and accommodations. When travel plans involve hot destinations or events, you can’t afford wiggle room. It could mean the difference between walking to your hotel following the big sporting event or arranging transportation for a 30-minute drive. In the end, those extra expenses also take a bite out of a travel budget.     

  2. Account for traffic, lines and crowded areas. Keep your timing expectations in check and stay patient before, during and after your trip. Don’t forget that the mad rush at the airport can start on the road and carry through to airline check-in and security. Keep an eye on traffic congestion around the airport, visit the website of your departure airport to learn an estimate on current security wait times and plan your arrival to Fast Park accordingly. Likewise, if you’re headed to a sold-out concert venue or sporting event, arriving early is never time wasted. Simply treat yourself to a pre-show or pre-flight drink and a snack. Bottom line – always beat the rush if you can!

  3. Build out the rest of your itinerary, while leaving room for spontaneity. After securing the sold-out event ticket, perfect accommodations, ideal flight times and airport parking at Fast Park (of course!), the real research and exploration begins. Using tools like TripAdvisor enables you to thoroughly research your destination, whether you’re searching for things to do, dining options or candid traveler reviews. It’s not considered “cheating” if you arm yourself with insights and options in case a situation calls for you to wing it – it’s simply traveling smart.  

We hope you have amazing travel plans over the coming months and leave you with one final tip: Don’t forget where you next adventure begins and ends – Fast Park! Make your future reservations today to guarantee your parking accommodation. Many of our lots will fill throughout the summer months.

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