Many of us have faced the conundrum of trying to capture great vacation photos without a top-notch camera. Whether your digital camera is just a point and shoot or you don’t have room to pack your DSLR and full camera bag, there’s still hope for you. In fact, the solution may be found in your back pocket or purse. You guessed it—your smartphone could be just what you need! 

Start Simple
Sometimes the smallest changes will make the biggest difference. Start by cleaning your lens. Your phone lives in your pocket or purse and likely has fingerprints all over it. Wiping the lens clean will put you on the right track to taking better photos.
Avoid the built-in zoom feature on your phone. Instead, try to step closer to your subject or crop the photo later. Without a tripod, your phone’s zoom feature will only make your picture fuzzy.
Experiment with Settings
Play with your phone’s flash, resolution and white balance settings. Depending on your surroundings, these small steps will make a big difference. 
If your phone offers a shot stabilizer, enable it! Keeping your phone steady while taking pictures can be difficult, but a shot stabilizer will use the phone’s accelerometer to measure how much your hand is moving. If you are unsteady, the camera will wait to take a photo until your hand stops moving.
Play with Apps
If all else fails, edit your photos with apps. Some apps, such as Instagram, are known for their filters that help even a fuzzy photo look better. 
AfterFocus is another good option. It takes hi-resolution images, allows users to blur backgrounds and can take multiple photos at once to allow photographers to “focus” after the picture is taken. 
For $1.99, you can add graphic elements to your photos with PicLab HD. This app has a collection of icons, phrases and themes to upgrade any photo. Like other apps, it allows users to apply filters and make minor photo adjustments.
If you cannot decide which photo to post, try Frametastic. The app allows users to group several photos together or make a slideshow. Users can crop photos, create full screen collages and apply filters.
Whether you are an amateur photographer or have been taking pictures for years, you’ll be surprised at the photo quality your smartphone can produce. What are your favorite photo tips for your smartphone? Share them on our Facebook page or tweet us!