You’re standing at baggage claim and everyone’s bag is returned – except yours. Lost luggage is frustrating – whether it’s at the beginning or end of your trip. But, you can take steps to make sure your bags have the best chance of arriving at your destination with you.

Before You Leave Home
Make sure it’s easy to identify your bag. While some people choose to purchase colorful luggage, you can still make a plain black bag easy to spot by tying a ribbon or bright tag to the handle. This way, your luggage won’t be mistakenly grabbed by another rushed traveler.
Put your itinerary in your bag. Airline luggage tags can tear off of your bag, but keeping a copy of your itinerary and your contact information in your front pocket will make it easier for the airline to connect with you.
Flight Plan Adjustments
Avoid short layovers if you plan to check your bags. If your arriving flight is late and you are running to make your connection, chances are your bags will not be on the plane with you. If you’re getting on an international flight, consider getting your checked bags at your connecting city, clearing customs and rechecking your bags before you board.
On the Day You Fly
Arrive at the airport in plenty of time. Baggage handlers need time to process your bags, get them on the cart and loaded into your plane. Much like the short connection, if you’re running to catch your flight, your bags may not make it on board.
Take photos of your bags and your baggage-claim ticket. If your bags go missing, it will help to have photos of your specific bag – and its identifying marker – along with your claim ticket. If you have time, take a quick picture of what’s inside as well to help you file an insurance claim if your belongings are lost.
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