Ideally, vacations are planned months in advance. From airlines and hotels to rental cars and cruises, waiting until a few days or weeks before you want to leave can mean paying premiums or missing out on events or tours.

Taking a last-minute getaway is possible. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your trip.

Look for all-inclusive options
Rather than researching hotels, restaurants and attractions, book an all-inclusive resort. Fees for these destinations generally include all meals and drinks, your stay, and many activities. Call the resort and ask about last-minute cancelations. If it has empty rooms, you may be able to negotiate the price or add premium amenities for less.

Be flexible
You probably know traveling on the weekends can be expensive, and destinations will be packed with other visitors. If you have a flexible schedule, book your trip during the week. You can avoid the rush of other travelers and may be able to see a few more attractions than you could on the weekends. Similarly, look for flights that leave at odd times, such as late at night or early in the morning.

Know where to look
Last-minute flight deals for major airlines are rare. If you’re really hoping to pay a little less, search charter airlines. Occasionally, you’ll be able to grab a flight to major destinations, like Florida or Mexico, for less than $100 roundtrip.

Prepare for adventure
If your heart is set on staying in a particular hotel or seeing a particular attraction, last-minute travel may not be for you. You’ll have much better luck if you’re willing to be flexible about your destination, hotel and even the kind of room you book. Bottom line: if your only requirements are a destination that’s sunny and has a beach, you’ll do just fine.

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