Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but on occasion you may feel sick while traveling for work or on vacation. Illness can be especially difficult to handle when you’re traveling in a foreign country. The best way to feel better fast is to make sure you know what to do before you leave home.
Be Prepared 
Pack basic medications (adult and child versions) such as ibuprofen and heartburn and indigestion tablets and don’t forget a small first aid kit. Complete all of the information on the inside of your passport, including your emergency contact details. In extreme cases, you want to make certain that emergency personnel know who to contact. It’s also a good idea to check your health insurance policy to determine whether or not you’re covered while traveling abroad.
Take Care of Yourself
Traveling can be exhausting. Start by slowing down and resting when you can. Enjoy the scenery, read a book or wind down with an in-room movie. Remember, vacations should be about taking it easy and if you start to feel run-down this may be your body telling you it’s time for a break. 
Don’t forget to stay hydrated. Being out of your daily routine means you might not be drinking as much water as you normally do. If you start to feel ill, drink plenty of clean water or other fluids, such as a sports drink. Additionally, wash your hands more often and carry hand sanitizer.
Ask Your Hotel for Assistance 
Some hotels and resorts have first aid offices that can handle less serious medical issues, such as bug bites or stomach troubles. If this service isn’t available at your hotel your concierge can help you locate the nearest pharmacy. 
Don’t Ignore a Problem
Being in a foreign country means you are encountering new foods and new environments. If you start to feel sick or have an unusual reaction to a bug bite, seek medical help. Even if you tend to let an illness run its course while you are home, you will be glad you were extra cautious while in unfamiliar surroundings. 
Contact the Embassy
If your illness is serious, contact the nearest U.S. Embassy or consulate. Staff can give you a list of trusted local doctors and medical facilities nearby or they can connect with your emergency contact. 
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