Frequent business travelers know life on the road is not all it’s cracked up to be. Long flights, followed by even longer days can be exhausting. If your life consists of a half-packed suitcase and chronic jetlag, follow these tips to make your next trip less stressful. 

Travel smarter not harder

Business travelers cannot sacrifice a minute. Early-morning flights often are followed by back-to-back meetings, where one extended layover or missed connection can mess up the entire day. Take control of your itinerary and book direct flights whenever possible. This will remove the stress of making a connection and limit potential delays.

Use TSA Pre-Check to fly through airport security and avoid the hassle of removing your shoes, liquids and outerwear. Find out if you’re eligible here. Load the addresses of your meetings into your calendar ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than Googling a location 30 minutes before your meeting only to find out it’s 45 minutes away.

Take advantage of your downtime

The hurry-up-and-wait mentality can result in a lot of downtime when traveling for work. Use the hours of uninterrupted flight time on business trips to clear your mind and focus on the items that require your full attention. If you have a few hours to yourself in the morning or evening, go for a walk and explore the local area. Yelp is a great place to find reviews and recommendations of top restaurants, shopping, entertainment and services.

Pack light, pack right

A savvy business traveler has one go-to piece of luggage that always works, no matter the length of the trip or destination. If you’re in the market, check out our recommendations. What’s inside your luggage counts, too. Wear dark colors that hide stains, and pack versatile pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. While packing wrinkle-resistant clothing is ideal, those required to wear a suit and tie can pack dress shirts in dry cleaner bags to avoid wrinkles. Invest in travel toiletries or purchase them at your destination. Many hotels provide the basics like soap, shampoo and a hairdryer.  
Travel tip: Tie a bright-colored ribbon on your luggage so you can easily spot it on the conveyor belt. 

File expense report immediately

Collecting receipts and filing an expense report often feels like a second job. It’s the last thing anyone wants to do after a long, exhausting trip. Unfortunately, it’s your only ticket to that reimbursement check.

Know your company’s travel policies before the trip to make filling out an expense report easier. It’s also wise to know your spending power so you don’t rack up any unreimbursable out-of-pocket costs. Keep your receipts together and go paperless when possible. Many travel services, including Fast Park, offer eReceipts to help business travelers stay organized on the road.

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