We love our pets and for many of us, leaving them behind while traveling isn’t an option. Whether you have no one to watch your buddy while you’re gone or you’ll be away for a long time, it can be a challenging scenario at the airport, on the board the plane and at your hotel. But don’t despair. There are many pet-friendly businesses that will welcome your furry friends with open arms. From airline rules and regulations to the most pet friendly hotels and cities, we’ve got you covered with these tips and resources.

Flight restrictions
Depending on the airline, pets can travel with you on a commercial airliner in one of three ways: in-cabin, through checked baggage and in the cargo area. If your pet is going by way of cargo, there are many crate requirements you’ll want to be aware of to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy throughout the ride. Service and emotional support animals are allowed to ride in the cabin with their owners with special guidelines. Many service animals are permitted to fly for free, but not all emotional support animals qualify for the discount so it’s best to check before you leave.

Before booking your flight, call the airline to double check restrictions since pet policies can change often. Delta, for example, recently stopped accepting pets as checked baggage but customers may ship pets for travel within the U.S. via Delta Cargo. If you have a small cat or dog and you’re traveling with American Airlines, you’ll want to ask about their new first-class pet cabin called “Cuddle Class.” It might cost a bit more, but your four-legged pal will thank you with a few extra smooches after the comfortable ride.

Where to stay
There are many hotels in America that are considered pet-friendly but some go out of their way to make you and your pet feel welcome. Conde Nast Traveler has a nice list of these great options. Calistoga Rand in Napa, CA offers complimentary daily guided hikes through the canyon complete with organic pet treats. They also have special doggie beds that are changed daily with custom-fitted Italian linen sheets and specially prepared gourmet doggie meals. El Portal in Sedona, AZ greets your pet with a welcome basket, which includes a toy, treats and their very own blanket to snuggle with. Beware, your furry companion might become just a bit spoiled after visiting these resorts.

In general, these are the eight most dog-friendly cities in the world. From Portland, Oregon to Paris, France, your companion can learn how to sit, stay and shake in four different languages.

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