When traveling to a new city, trying the local cuisine is a fun way to get a taste of what the city and its culture have to offer. Whether you’re taking on a new city at home here in the United States or adding stamps to your passport, here are a few cities known for their street food.

Bangkok knows how to do street food, as evidenced by its appearance on every list compiling hot street food destinations. This tourist hot spot has many robustly flavored street snacks including sour Isaan sausages, oyster omelets and plenty of curry. If you want to sample many flavors at once, check out the more concentrated areas like Yaowarat (Chinatown), Wang Lang Market or Victory Monument. Street foods rotate throughout the day, from breakfast and lunch to dinner and late-night snacks, so there’s little excuse not to fit a street food pitstop into your travel itinerary.

Mexico City
Tacos are just the beginning in Mexico City. If you’re looking for a deeper taste of the city, there are plenty of vendors that offer other delicious dishes, like tamales, tortas, flautas and elotes (that delicious corn on the cob). Food carts can be found throughout the city, or in more centrally located spots like markets of Mercado San Juan, Cuauhtémoc borough and La Merced. And the best part: most vendors use fresh, homemade tortillas and grilled meats, making it even better than your favorite Tex-Mex restaurant north of the border.

While Paris has incredible fine dining options, you can’t discount the street food around the city. From delicious falafel and shawarma sandwiches in Rue des Rosiers to more artisan-type food in Marché Saint-Honoré, Parisians and tourists have taken a liking to this affordable, gourmet food around the French food capital. Whether you’re craving something as simple as Nutella and bananas or as delectable as fresh crepes with melted cheese and ham, we think you’ll find that Paris street food is délicieux!

Back in the states, Portland, Ore., is situated on the coastline with fertile green lands surrounding it. The abundance of fresh, local ingredients elevates street food to a new level and puts it on par with some of the city’s finest restaurants. Food carts, trucks and buses – which number more than 600 – are often clustered in pods around the city, creating outdoor food courts. You can peruse from vendor to vendor and sample several cuisines at once (think Russian, Korean, Scottish and more).
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