Vacations are often a result of a desperate need for rejuvenation. While it’s easy to ditch the daily grind for guilty-free bad habits, why not take a great trip without having to think about the damage you’ll have to undo when you head back home? Here are five reasons you should consider a health-conscious vacation, including the best places to enjoy one.

A breath of fresh air

While just the thought of vacation can make you breathe easier, there are places you can visit to actually experience the purest air in the world. Honolulu, Hawaii was ranked one of the cleanest cities in the U.S. according to the American Lung Association. Well-planned transit and plenty of rainfall reduce emissions and keep the air free of dust and dirt, and a constant breeze from the Pacific winds carries away pollutants and your worries.

Exercise in disguise

Of course The Mile-High City made the list. With its proximity to the Rockies, and the fact the city sees about 300 sunny days a year, tourists and residents in Denver can always find a reason to get outside and play. From June through September, the annual Yoga Rocks the Park series features weekly events with concerts and even yoga camps for kids.

Washington, D.C. is a city that loves to walk. Tourists can stay fit while traveling just by walking to different monuments and museums. No walk packs in as much history as the 3.5-mile route around the National Mall.

Local delights

Portland, Ore. boasts many healthy dining options and has quite a large farm-to-table following. With its proximity to many farms, Portland’s hyper-local produce, meat and dairy products can be found on almost any menu. If you really want to eat local, make a reservation to eat dinner on the farm. Companies like Outstanding in the Field offer one-of-a-kind experiences that include a guided tour and meal made by the guest chef in an outdoor kitchen.

Year-round recreation

Minneapolis offers great parks, trails and playgrounds. Vertical Endeavors stands in one of the last remaining historic ice house buildings and is one of the largest rock climbing facilities in the country. With approximately 28,000 square feet of climbing walls and routes up to 60 feet tall, you can enjoy rock climbing any time of year. The gym offers classes and guided adventures for both the novice and seasoned climber.

Peace and quiet

If it’s peace and quiet that you want, then head to a tiny town in the mountains of West Virginia called Green Bank. Green Bank is quiet for one reason: there is no form of modern, wireless technology. It houses the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, which operates the world’s largest telescope. The Green Bank Telescope (GBT) is so sensitive, it picks up even the faintest radio pulses coming from space. It is also extremely susceptible to electronic interference. Hence, the ban on any electronic device that generates electromagnetic radiation (a cell phone, TV, or wireless internet router) in the city. Tourists will be transported back in time through the use of landlines and face-to-face conversations only.

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